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The Gothic and My Grandmother | February 21 | Tagged: personal appalachia southern_gothic

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The Visual Genius of David Mallett | November 22 | Tagged: music bowie film videos nostalgia

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Murder Ballads, Dolly Parton, the Southern Gothic, and I | November 16 | Tagged: music the_south history

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Managing Curriculum Development in New Model Education | October 12 | Tagged: curriculum education

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Seeing "Hamilton" the Musical | October 7 | Tagged: newyork broadway

On Euclidean Pedagogy | July 27 | Tagged: pedagogy education

Car Camping Pack List | July 15 | Tagged: camping pack_list

The Life and Times of Schoolgirl Maud Fenstermaker | July 7 | Tagged: grammar history

Teatro Nuovo at the Church of the Heavenly Rest | July 6 | Tagged: music latin performance

Microdosing and Psychedelics | July 4 | Tagged: psychedelics books sf

Revisiting Dark Souls and Nietzschean Philosophy | July 3 | Tagged: video_games philosophy

Reflections on Inspectional Reading | June 8 | Tagged: reading education

My Manager Readme | March 25 | Tagged: Blog Hiring Management

Working With Git Submodules in Hugo | February 12 | Tagged: hugo git command_reference

A Simple Note Taking App in React | January 30 | Tagged: reactjs javascript stuffimade amajson

"I'm Sorry." and the Male Gaze | January 26 | Tagged: feminism misogyny

Family History in the Boroughs | January 7 | Tagged: genealogy photos new_york

The Cupid of Chelsea | January 2 | Tagged: new_york chelsea christmas


My Favorite Christmas Album Is Michael Bublé: "Christmas" | December 20 | Tagged: christmas music traditions

Teaching Children for the Future | December 16

Cleaning Up a Bloated Git Repository | December 13 | Tagged: git reference

How I Came to Work in Education | December 10 | Tagged: personal history education reflection work_history

Trip to London | December 2 | Tagged: travel london

Trip Upstate for Apple Picking | October 9 | Tagged: travel new_york

NYPL Collection History of Shorthand | October 4

San Franscisco Edge to Edge Run | September 24 | Tagged: san_francisco photos running

Configure File for Building Vim From Source | September 20 | Tagged: vim compilation

Late Summer Trip to Rockaway Beach With Byron | September 17

Hugo Boss Coat Clothing Repair Dead End | September 14

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Spotify Recommendations From Twitter Archive | August 29

RT @Cryptoterra: I’ve been standing here for 90 minutes what do I do | Tagged: tweet

@SketchesbyBoze HOW MANY fireplaces did you say are at Rosings? | Tagged: tweet

This tweet was metaphysically and near-religiously targeted for my wife. @lauren_n_roth | Tagged: tweet

@J__Swift @thanatos_net @TheGoodDeath My grandma grew up in rural North Tennessee. Once, when at an antique place, she saw an item mislabeled. | Tagged: tweet

In line with this. RANDOM ACTS OF FLYNESS is bold, inventively edited, and educational. I will watch more, @HBO. 👏 @terencenance | Tagged: tweet

RT @IHLaking: ‘Yoink!’ | Tagged: tweet

@raorao_ @JEG2 @JEG2 Inverting dependencies and representing constituencies. Published author (without ghostwriter), father, advocate for underserved populations, and steward of the environment. | Tagged: tweet

RT @nixcraft: Announcing an international Vim conference VimConf 2018 and its CFP being open. VimConf is a place to share your love of Vim… | Tagged: tweet

@dstafford Sometimes I get away with it…. | Tagged: tweet

@oliravi @iworedettos @chadfowler But who will have the last Word? | Tagged: tweet

@aviflombaum something to think about in Chelsea. Cc: favorite Belgian @LoreDirick | Tagged: tweet

Moviepass apparently can’t afford proofreading either. “and” => “while” would make this sentence grammatical. That done, what the hell is “financial discipline” to the customer? Nothing. | Tagged: tweet

@WeWork is not done working with us to help envision workspaces of the future: work zones and living walls and…who knows. As a Jane Jacobs fan, cool to “beta” spaces. | Tagged: tweet

Currently we’re in the open office plan but that’s going to change. If this is as good as it gets, it’s a huge leap from what I’ve known. | Tagged: tweet

| Tagged: tweet

| Tagged: tweet

@FlatironSchool dogfooding the latest physical spaces innovated by @WeWork Our entry cafe and reception. | Tagged: tweet

All this socialism might really undermine the economic prospects of Akron! Sad! #yesthatssarcasm | Tagged: tweet

@TheAcademy “America,” family, power: choose one. | Tagged: tweet

I think this is The Bad Place. | Tagged: tweet

@davehoover @mattbaker We’re damned. | Tagged: tweet

RT @HazelMonforton: @SenatorBrakey @burpmacklin @DSA_SouthernME @RingelsteinME When you try to describe socialism but are instead describin… | Tagged: tweet

Apple emoji picker. Activate it and type b-e-a-r…. | Tagged: tweet

RT @slicingeyeballs: 7=HOUR PLAYLIST: Slicing Up Eyeballs’ Top 100 Songs of 1983 — and for once they’re all on Spotify | Tagged: tweet

RT @altclassic: Happy 60th birthday to the inimitable #KateBush | Tagged: tweet

@RudyGiuliani Covfefe? | Tagged: tweet

Migrated to Hugo | July 29

RT @z_rose: Beatrix Potter developed her drawing skills on fungus and scientific drawings more generally. She discovered that lichen is a s… | Tagged: tweet

I love watching my dog play chase, but I never see the eyes of the leader. Thanks to GoPro this is possible and the dog’s perception of the terroir, the chasers, etc as shown in its eyes is amazing. | Tagged: tweet

RT @theintercept: You say you want a revolution? The anti-capitalist film “Sorry to Bother You” shows the way. | Tagged: tweet

I guess it’s 2018 and yay be all edgy about recognizing non-monogamy people as a sales demo and all. | Tagged: tweet

I’ve been thinking about this since I read it. I looooove editors, especially vim, but if composition of functions were compelled by the tools as well…what would these look like? Maybe not so strange given our transpiled code era and npm’s tendency to uni-method utils… | Tagged: tweet

Looking for the best rss readers for iOS and Android. LMK | Tagged: tweet

RT @yokoono: Remember, many feminists have followed the ways of men and hurt their health by drinking, smoking and pursuing more money and… | Tagged: tweet

RT @tlakomy: My girlfriend told me to take the spider out instead of killing it. We went and had some drinks. Cool guy. Wants to be a web d… | Tagged: tweet

@tomdale Aperol++++ would Italia again. | Tagged: tweet

RT @Botanygeek: The smell of the air after a storm is caused by Geosmin: A chemical released by dead soil bacteria. | Tagged: tweet

RT @jumper_krazy: rt if you grew up going to the library | Tagged: tweet

@thefenry Oh wow, you’re a senior engineer now! | Tagged: tweet

But we don’t need to worry about voting machines. | Tagged: tweet

This week I wrote Perl, JavaScript, awk, bash, transformed data in and out of google sheets, queried APIs to calculate differences in complex structures, taught some vim fu, edited a vimrc, and wrote memos to improve operations. How does anyone work without code on their side? | Tagged: tweet

Starting to plot my facebookicide. Export everything, migrate it into hugo, merge blog to Hugo, keep IG, keep twitter. Delete my history post by post. Leave this abomination. | Tagged: tweet

RT @semaphore_P: Wow. 20 years of real footage of stars orbiting the black hole in the center of our Milky Way from @ESO. You can even see… | Tagged: tweet

RT @PatrickRenna: Said nice shirt to this dude walking by us and he had no idea what we were talking about. Thought I would capture the mom… | Tagged: tweet

We are too stupid for a computerized society. | Tagged: tweet

@PolyGalSeeks @amandamull I’m a man of UWS diners and the iconic Zabars. Take a kindle and get a bagel / nova at Russ & daughters | Tagged: tweet

RT @andywingo: ┏┓ ┃┃╱╲ in ┃╱╱╲╲ this ╱╱╭╮╲╲house ▔▏┗┛▕▔ ╱▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔╲ ML refers to a programming language ╱╱… | Tagged: tweet

@GlowNetflix Episode 208 is brilliant. Complete payoff to season one and all the steps to this point - And those were good too! | Tagged: tweet

@funionnn Beach cruiser? | Tagged: tweet

@antiheroine Yes! It’s happening! | Tagged: tweet

RT @AngelaKinsey: I mean I had to buy it… ❤️🎯😜 @Target | Tagged: tweet

RT @BostonJerry: I know no one cares but this is illegal. | Tagged: tweet

Good for all these rust contributors. What a good showing! | Tagged: tweet

RT @poniewozik: People, nobody hides a horcrux anywhere that obvious | Tagged: tweet

RT @shanselman: An unofficial fan-made prequel to “Day of the Tentacle?” For Mac, Windows, and Linux? Free? YES PLEASE - “Return of the Ten… | Tagged: tweet

RT @skilldrick: Code comments | Tagged: tweet

At @FlatironSchool Curriculum dept. we had some docs in Gitbook, whose biz model no longer for us. We needed to migrate our content out, pref. to Markdown. I wrote this quick&dirty script to turn their exportable JSON => Markdown: #hopeithelps #ymmv | Tagged: tweet

Move to New York, they said. Encounter people washing their anuses in you water fountain. | Tagged: tweet

RT @SethAbramson: It begins. | Tagged: tweet

RT @fredwilson: Diversity is at the core of what makes NYC tech so potent | Tagged: tweet

Also, Rabbit family dreadfully afraid of briar patches. | Tagged: tweet

RT @linkblaine: There are no rules….. There’s only one rule. | Tagged: tweet

The cutest accent ever is the way Auli’i Cravalho pronounces “canoe” in “Moana.” | Tagged: tweet

@maidoesthings 🤢🤮 | Tagged: tweet

@MARIADAHVANA @WhoresofYore I suspect the google search that resulted in this was expected to return something quite different. | Tagged: tweet

RT @liamantt: Guy on grindr was called farm boy so I messaged saying it’s pasture bedtime and he blocked me | Tagged: tweet

RT @WeWork: Atlanta is welcoming @FlatironSchool to their growing tech community. | Tagged: tweet

@chadfowler Mamba when you had to dd to an iso file before piping that file to a burner. Good times. So year of desktop Linux, that 2003. | Tagged: tweet

RT @sahilkapur: Trump has repeatedly depicted war with Iran an something a president would do for domestic political gain. | Tagged: tweet

@chadfowler @jessfraz I like windows 10 WSL. If only it were better integrated with @code it’d be my Linux of choice…. | Tagged: tweet

You know, the idea that twitter is free and creates a lot of entertainment already has a lot of energy. But has anyone considered Amazon? | Tagged: tweet

@natashanago Nice to see you posting again. | Tagged: tweet

@funionnn @chelsea Will your day of adoration interfere with mine? | Tagged: tweet

RT @416Bando: The bible says Adam and Eve not florence and the machine | Tagged: tweet

RT @wycats: Any sufficiently complicated company w/o management contains an ad hoc, informally-specified, bug-ridden, slow implementation o… | Tagged: tweet

@SaraJChipps Miranda is a hard compliment. She’s the only one in that clique that has any sense. | Tagged: tweet

RT @greekhistorypod: With life expectancy being so low, the Greeks felt the need for a word specifically denoting a child with both parents… | Tagged: tweet

RT @ditzkoff: Roses are red New York is a metropolis | Tagged: tweet

On the train uptown it was clear the unseasonably cold rain had canceled Saturday night. Cute and daring tops did not enter clubs. Button down shorts still looked pressed and fresh. Romantic pairs discussed groceries. Library books were cracked open. | Tagged: tweet

RT @JenAshleyWright: If I was a sexy Russian operative, I would want my name to be Jennifer Sleepinova. | Tagged: tweet

@JimDedman @melbotis @rhp7 | Tagged: tweet

@cjc @kimmaicutler Former SF resident: On the other side, NYC has restaurants that are open past 9 & here I have seen a local child in the last year, a thriving live performance scene, warm beaches, genuine diversity, a functionalish transport sys & every pleasure base and sublime in 3-train stops | Tagged: tweet

Paging @lauren_n_roth who always does the extra to make everyone else’s life better. | Tagged: tweet

RT @<em>SJPeace</em>: Someone called in a complaint on a black 13 year old boy, Jaequan Faulkner, who opened a hot dog stand to pay for his school… | Tagged: tweet

@SaraJChipps It’s a challenging time. That and choosing photos for the thank you note inserts. And which css to use for the wedding photo recap site. | Tagged: tweet

@funionnn It’s definitely quitting time in the Pascal time zone. | Tagged: tweet

Here&rsquo;s an interesting utterance (in our long slide to a pictographic language like &ldquo;Darmok&rdquo; or Egyptian hieroglyphs): | Tagged: tweet

@JimDedman @melbotis @rhp7 Concur. Read the book. But Dune is a beautiful, fabulous dream that was too heavy for the air (or spice-gas cloud) which was assumed could bear it. | Tagged: tweet

This nudity having thread is hilarious. | Tagged: tweet

Unnamed King amirite | Tagged: tweet

@funionnn @Seemo In Canada sad is bilingual. | Tagged: tweet

RT @find_evil: | Tagged: tweet

Well, @Zipcar is doing the right thing here and has gotten in touch with me. Here&rsquo;s to hoping we can find further models for their provisioning that allows for consistent service. | Tagged: tweet

I think everything about being human is summed up in the dictum by Livy: we cannot stand our evils, nor their remedy. | Tagged: tweet

RT @SaintRPh: Well we did it | Tagged: tweet

@charcrea @cxhrndz @MTA Move to New @nycgov, they said. See what a &ldquo;real&rdquo; transit system looks like, they said. | Tagged: tweet

@ccmeyers324 @FlatironSchool Sorry I missed this transformation, I got to @FlatironSchool later, but I hear that L&rsquo;XCode est un oiseau rebelle. | Tagged: tweet

RT @Travon: Remember how for eight years Republicans and their supporters thought the country was being run by a foreign agent and it wasn&rsquo;… | Tagged: tweet

Quo usque tandem abutere, Orangina, patientia nostra? | Tagged: tweet

@aviflombaum &ldquo;Influencing!&rdquo; | Tagged: tweet

U PRIMARYIN&rsquo; BRO | Tagged: tweet

@luciferxavier Springfield Twerkship, founded 1684 by Anabaptist rumpshaykaz exiled from England by Charles II for their disrespect of his new-model sovereign wall-twerk. | Tagged: tweet

I joined Alignable, but anyone who reads this subject line knows that&rsquo;s a bald-faced lie. NYC needs me like it needs another pothole. Here, we&rsquo;re legion, anonymous, and largely insignificant. That&rsquo;s why we try so damn hard. | Tagged: tweet

RT @wbruce: It turns out that finding a book you wrote at Powell’s doesn’t really get old. | Tagged: tweet

After seeing #WontYouBeMyNeighbor I see why late Xers like me felt Bourdain’s death so: he was curious, open, felt things, and showed you could too and still be a valid person, esp. a low-/no- toxicity man. He was a grittier Mr. Rogers for an later, not larger, “modulation.” | Tagged: tweet

I have a @Zipcar is for in frequent, but high importance, use. They let me down and have me wondering why I should continue to pay the monthly fee. | Tagged: tweet

To add insult to injury, the @Zipcar rep told me the car had reported as dead battery. Well then, “Why didn’t you call me to tell me this?! You have my number on file?!” | Tagged: tweet

Yesterday I arrived at my @Zipcar and the battery was dead. | Tagged: tweet

RT @blackthought: Philly! I bought out tomorrow’s 8pm showing of @Sorry2BotherYou. Go see it on me. #Shoutout to @BootsRiley &amp; @LakeithStan… | Tagged: tweet

RT @Sona_Sonara: GIMP just stands for graphicdesign is my passion | Tagged: tweet

Edie Brickell on at Trader Joe’s. Time to go home, order a Mr Gattis and play Karnov and Rygar on NES before Arsenio Hall. Or tape it if I’m close to winning. | Tagged: tweet

The fact that an human had to write this to an audience of educated humans to teach them Humanity 101 suggests to me that the humanities might be missing in tech education. | Tagged: tweet

RT @KentBeck: Watching @Sorry2BotherYou left me laughing, uncomfortable about race (in a productive way), a little squigged out about the..… | Tagged: tweet

I wanted to find out what happened between Interpol and Carlos D(engler). His interview here is profound, emotional, and revealing. Through his path through therapy, Stella Adler, etc., he shows a humanity that makes me curious about his acting | Tagged: tweet

I suspect open office plans are actually unhelpful to their purported key value (“collaboration”). To keep my flow I un-headphone, stride to do an activity to maintain my meat exosuit, and stride back to my chair, re-headphone. I see this happen all day long. | Tagged: tweet

RT @dhh: Look, open-space offices may be necessary for some companies, if they can’t afford private offices. But don’t dress up such a comp… | Tagged: tweet

RT @classicsforall: “A clay tablet discovered during an archaeological dig may be the oldest written record of Homer&rsquo;s epic tale, the Odyss… | Tagged: tweet

@ethanschoonover Mr. Prelutsky came to my elementary school back in the day. Read from “The New Kid on the Block.” It was pretty epic for a 3rd grader. | Tagged: tweet

I wish I could shout my favor of &ldquo;Sorry to Bother You&rdquo; more loudly. But it&rsquo;s really good. @lauren_n_roth described it as &ldquo;Idiocracy&rdquo; meets &ldquo;Hollywood Shuffle.&rdquo; That&rsquo;s a perfect elevator pitch. | Tagged: tweet

RT @ra: the purge: for 12 hours everything is legal, even murder 😈 me: so, like, everything including immigration violations? the purge: uh… | Tagged: tweet

Know what I love about NYC? When I, a nerd, parse rules on the web-site and decide that nothing really applies and call the help desk and they tell me that &ldquo;Nobody cares about those rules, do this instead and save some bucks.&rdquo; | Tagged: tweet

Me: Got my fresh new Converse kicks for summer. So white rubber. So black canvas. NYC: MELTED TAR ON YOU SHOE, BITCH. Me: <em>snuff</em> You sweet summer child, I was raised in the tar-pebble beaches of the Galveston, TX in the 80&rsquo;s. I know how to deal with you. | Tagged: tweet

Someone needs to get out there and salt these NYC roads. The melting tar in these intersections is a real slip and fall hazard. #thinkofthechildren | Tagged: tweet

Is there a generic tool for defining and graphing dependency hierarchies. Surely someone in library science, education, etc. has figured this out (altho if it existed, how come bundler and npm/yarn rolled their own?) | Tagged: tweet

One of the few perfect things ever created. It influences me every day, even when I don&rsquo;t use it, it guides me. It&rsquo;s as noble as the Three Noble Truths. | Tagged: tweet

Wwwwwwwooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwww. | Tagged: tweet

Oh my goodness. It&rsquo;s all I ever could have hoped for in 1994. And all this before I die. Amazing. | Tagged: tweet

@Reductress is 🔥 | Tagged: tweet

RT @ztellman: given enough time, every boolean value will become an enumeration | Tagged: tweet

RT @Grady_Booch: Ada Lovelace devised the first program. Grace Hopper wrote the first complier. Margaret Hamilton started the field of soft… | Tagged: tweet

But&hellip; but&hellip; how is that possible without arming every teacher, baker, And street sweeper with fully auto death-sprayers? | Tagged: tweet

@timoni Wonderful. | Tagged: tweet

@KITTENTHEBAND @Chlochai Hey Chloe do you feel kinda limited by your (gorgeous) Neko Case / Ronnie Spector sound like Fall in Me? Are you running from it, pausing it, integrating it? It’s awesome to watch Kitten grow! | Tagged: tweet

@DanielMiessler It’s a bot. Absolute gibberish. | Tagged: tweet

So many of my younger friends are applying to or attending @recursecenter. The whys I’ve heard are fascinating and tend to involve the phrase “late stage capitalism.” | Tagged: tweet

RT @LindsayPB: this is called &ldquo;dada&rdquo; and it first emerged in the wake of the first world war out of the belief that a society which could c… | Tagged: tweet

@dog_rates my wife @lauren_n_roth took a picture of this swishy eared boy. What’s your take? | Tagged: tweet

Writing at now 2 boot camps has borne this out for me. | Tagged: tweet

@jk_rowling @chadfowler @realDonaldTrump I would love to know which writers of the current (or past eras) @jk_rowling admires though. Roth fan? DeLillo? Murakami? What stirs you? | Tagged: tweet

RT @ArmstrongDrew: Sorry, but this is just called &ldquo;doing some drugs&rdquo; | Tagged: tweet

Linguistic musing: Latin noun and adjective order was flexible. As it vulgarized in Spain, did contact with Arabic and Hebrew promote the noun/adjective order of Castilian Spanish? | Tagged: tweet

@KarenElson_ Our lives are spent seeking transcendence and that LP qualifies. | Tagged: tweet

@davetron5000 I admire your bold stand. The Austen comparison was top-notch. | Tagged: tweet

@lauren_n_roth and I saw &ldquo;Leave No Trace&rdquo; and it was a beautiful film. Like a more PNW-&ldquo;Winter&rsquo;s Bone&rdquo; minus the noir but with so much heart, and tenderness, and awareness of the burdens of vets. It reminded me of the beauty of the PNW as described by @NekoCase. Recommend. | Tagged: tweet

Walked into a restaurant on Bleecker and they were playing The Strokes. I see what you did here. | Tagged: tweet

$ wget (url) zsh: command not found: wget | Tagged: tweet

This trackpad thing in iOS is great for anyone who writes text in the form of sentences with more than 20 syllables. | Tagged: tweet

Life in San José has challenges. | Tagged: tweet

Every time i go back to Daft Punk &ldquo;Alive 2007&rdquo; I think&hellip;wow. Still. | Tagged: tweet

I had never thought it would be a part of my life, but now that it is, I realize how wonderful it is to watch boats throughout the day. | Tagged: tweet

“I’m sorry, but will someone please tell that Nazarene, Josh Josephson, to treat the money-changers more civilly?” | Tagged: tweet

Need a weaponize the youth playlist on Spotify. | Tagged: tweet

@maidoesthings @philipwang Where are you dancing? | Tagged: tweet

@ow @codepo8 @code Thanks for the outreach. I want WSL as my shell and @code as my IDE. Basically a Redmond Unix. I want to use the WSL to config my Python, Ruby, Node multi-version installs (e.g. | Tagged: tweet

@ow @codepo8 FFS just fix @code integration with WSL so we can get rid of these crap book pros already. | Tagged: tweet

@osutein Saving me from the endless abyss of pain. | Tagged: tweet

OHAI did I mention I finished IQ84? Murakami fan friends and I can now talk about this. | Tagged: tweet

RT @DickKingSmith: #heatwave | Tagged: tweet

@sarahmei Tango music is like this as well. Neat, predictable and 2:15 almost every time. Bum-bum | Tagged: tweet

@izakaminska Flattering the vanity of the emperor has proven lucrative and beneficial time and time again. | Tagged: tweet

RT @dylanbeattie: @avdi @lizardbill @raganwald The cantina band on Mos Eisley are called Figrin D’an and the Modal Nodes. Whereas the band… | Tagged: tweet

I can’t handle how much blood was spilled to make this country sometimes. The enormity is so staggering. Where would anyone start to repay the blood debt? | Tagged: tweet

AmaZing. Houston has shifted so far since I left decades ago. Urbanism, pride, cricket fields!? | Tagged: tweet

RT @qls: Relevant to @questlove @phontigallo and our faithful #QLS listeners: #AlDunbar | Tagged: tweet

RT @Karnythia: You supported the idea that businesses can choose who to serve regardless of identity. Welcome to the consequences of making… | Tagged: tweet

Quick Check: does national “the cramps” appreciation day exist yet? | Tagged: tweet

RT @WhoresofYore: Burlesque superstars Tempest Storm, Gloria Pall &amp; Dixie Evans at Bettie Page&rsquo;s funeral in Westwood Memorial Park, Los Ang… | Tagged: tweet

@DanielMiessler This proximity was noted by none other than Dante Aligheri himself; although his level of rigor in linguistics was probably a notch above &ldquo;folk tales, prejudices, and wild guesses.&rdquo; | Tagged: tweet

@DanielMiessler Waiting to see this in the @linkfinds &hellip;.. | Tagged: tweet

I ragehate the Udemy Python ads so much. &ldquo;Python&rsquo;s where it&rsquo;s at&rdquo; – What is this, two turntables and a mic? &ldquo;You can do almost anything with it.&rdquo; – In what sense? &ldquo;You should take a course with Udemy&rdquo; - wtf are you? Why are you telling me what to do? | Tagged: tweet

@qrush “Arrakis teaches the way of the knife.” - for kitchens. | Tagged: tweet

One of the most painful pieces of art ever made is Lou Reed’s “Berlin” which features a song where children scream (for seemingly-endless minutes) for their mother. | Tagged: tweet

RT @find_evil: FAIL = First Attempt In Learning END = Effort Never Dies NO = Next Opportunity | Tagged: tweet

@marthakelly My colleague Terence and homegirl are now deeply interested in whether you ask them out. | Tagged: tweet

@antiheroine You and @PhizLair are high on my appreciation list. | Tagged: tweet

@marthakelly Hot Tip From Terence: If you&rsquo;ve had conversations outside of your drink order you can bring up that context, and then ask out. But homegirl says &ldquo;But you might lose a really good café.&rdquo; I think you have to weigh those two choices. | Tagged: tweet

@DanielMiessler Maybe you could share with your devoted readers the impact and morality of his actions here? I’d appreciate your contextualizing the deed? (If you’ve not already ;) ) | Tagged: tweet

RT @neilhimself: Am I the only one who doesn’t think of the Four Horsepeople as Antagonists? They are just doing their job. | Tagged: tweet

@fox At University of Texas, my MIS had a legal env. of business class had a good dose of what’s legal isn’t always ethical (R. Prentice); Management 1 also (J. Westphal). my Philo. degree had no strict ethics req. but I did 1 sem. of Contemp. Moral Problems. | Tagged: tweet

RT @wbruce: An important life lesson I’ve learned: Don’t trudge through a task you hate. Stop to reflect on your emotional state, then focu… | Tagged: tweet

RT @vespertinena: get in loser we&rsquo;re going cloudbusting | Tagged: tweet

@wbruce Gendered nouns wut | Tagged: tweet

RT @41Strange: Chinese ink painting of Alien xenomorph in the style of Chinese painter Qi Baishi | Tagged: tweet

@conspiracystory Given the staggeringly huge gaps of space between EVERYTHING IN SPACE and the necessary touch of atoms in a neuron, I can’t help but see this parallel as a fanciful projection on mankind’s part. | Tagged: tweet

RT @absurdistwords: To white America, &ldquo;Family values&rdquo; only apply to white families. | Tagged: tweet

RT @WhoresofYore: Beauty after Bath, 1920 by Hashiguchi Goyo (1880 - 1921) | Tagged: tweet

RT @tedstgodard: This got the cartoonist fired. Share it. | Tagged: tweet

RT @leahculver: @mathowie Who doesn’t like yoga?!!!!! 😧 That’s what I never got about that song. There’s like probably only one woman who l… | Tagged: tweet

There’s a very strong girl / Muslim skateboard culture in NYC. Wished the hijabi working on her Ollie Eid Mubarak. | Tagged: tweet

RT @slpng_giants: This is a concentration camp for children. | Tagged: tweet

RT @daringfireball: On the Sad State of Macintosh Hardware: | Tagged: tweet

RT @kengarex: You are OK | Tagged: tweet

@gtvrhs Thanks @gtvrhs - doing nothing to abate my love of 🐻🐻🐻. | Tagged: tweet

Visited @xianfoods in memoriam to Mr. Bourdain. | Tagged: tweet

“Busy, busy, busy, is what we Bokononists whisper whenever we think of how complicated and unpredictable the machinery of life really is.&rdquo; | Tagged: tweet

@Racheldoesstuff @jasonpbell @TheRock What about Yael Rasooly for a cabaret ou français number? | Tagged: tweet

RT @questlove: Yup. All week. His “fav” Billy Joel&hellip;.😢 | Tagged: tweet

You know, it&rsquo;s hard to express honest love of jazz flute in the post-&ldquo;Anchorman&rdquo; era. | Tagged: tweet

Morning mood: &ldquo;Soul Vibrations&rdquo; by Dorothy Ashby from &ldquo;Afro-Harping.&rdquo; | Tagged: tweet

As a curricular author I think part of the reason for the decline of social dance is pedagogical, the lack of focus on what we try to do at @FlatironSchool: introduce somewhere where you feel joy and can discover love; then abstract or break down, but love first. | Tagged: tweet

RT @ishabazz: I sometimes wonder if I’m in a coma having super weird opioid induced dreams… “Trump was president, IHOP became a burger plac… | Tagged: tweet

I&rsquo;m glad they made #SoloStarWars in 2018. Had they done it in 2001, with Nic Cage, and featuring an arc with Han working in a band playing a stringed instrument, I can&rsquo;t imagine it faring well. Who&rsquo;d have wanted to see &ldquo;The Corellian Captain&rsquo;s Mandolin?&rdquo; | Tagged: tweet

@triketora I see it as this: that they assume they will get to the implicit later /without/ ensuring they&rsquo;re sourcing the widest is where the problem lies. | Tagged: tweet

RT @Janice_Resist: Popular vote winner Hillary Clinton warned everyone that Russia was interfering in the election and that, if elected, T… | Tagged: tweet

Weird to see this body art limiting career opportunity meme surface in 2018. Those fit under my general “diversity” rubric. Let me learn about your traditions and your epidermal marking craft; also, what cultural values lead to your inking the face of Mark Hoppus on your thigh? | Tagged: tweet

RT @RepJohnYarmuth: Say what you will about Trump, he sure is loyal to the country that elected him. | Tagged: tweet

RT @radleybalko: “Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness, and many of our people need it sorely on these accounts.”… | Tagged: tweet

@cczona As an educator in the code realm, curriculum @FlatironSchool might be a good change. My team is awesome and the company is growing in many exciting ways! Write, code, philosophize and change lives is a good week. | Tagged: tweet

RT @BenedictEvans: The fact we have Twitch for games videos but no equivalent for makeup videos tells us something about Silicon Valley. | Tagged: tweet

RT @gravislizard: i&rsquo;m going to bed | Tagged: tweet

RT @jimwindolf: Big news for Breeders fans | Tagged: tweet

Welcome to Hell. | Tagged: tweet

As I&rsquo;ve continued programming for years I&rsquo;m finding my preferred IDE is vim + job control. I&rsquo;m totally about that CTRL+z / fg life. | Tagged: tweet

@MichaelTCisco @steveklabnik I have thought this so many times. | Tagged: tweet

If this drives a seamless integration of @code with WSL and brings amazing tools to node, golang, python, and ruby as a side effect, I’m all for it. | Tagged: tweet

RT @avdi: I for one am horrified at the SourceForge acquisition, and confidently predict it will end the Open Source movement by 2016. | Tagged: tweet

🔥🔥🔥 | Tagged: tweet

@avdi So you have a perfect instapot recipe? Hope&hellip;.. | Tagged: tweet

@gfixler @lambda_conf Nice ribbing! | Tagged: tweet

Man all this #WWDC got me thinkin&rsquo; it&rsquo;s time to dust off an iOS app I wrote&hellip;but you mean I have to upgrade to the OS version that had a 0-protection password entry field in order to work on my app again? | Tagged: tweet

@lauren_n_roth and I watched the 1972 film based off of “From the mixed-up files of Mrs basil e. frankweiler.” It holds up! But damn that movie dumbed nothing down for kids: vocab, humor, strategy. Amazing Ingrid Bergman role too. | Tagged: tweet

I love FP more than most but I would not be able to FP on a day like that. | Tagged: tweet

@avdi May be a bad sign that even those seemed vaguely hopeful if not outright affirmative. 🧐 | Tagged: tweet

Because prosecco is pricier in NYC the quality is better. Ergo these home made aperol spritzs are lethal. | Tagged: tweet

RT @NetflixFilm: ATTENTION HUMANITY: Coco is now on Netflix! Here’s a quick thread to celebrate the tiny details in filmmaking that make th… | Tagged: tweet

RT @copiesofcopies: There are three simple rules for choosing flights out of New York: | Tagged: tweet

@avdi Where was the “no” option? | Tagged: tweet

It was flawless. | Tagged: tweet

I’ve been shoulder surfing the creation of @FlatironSchool’s data science materials. I know its good because I saw like&hellip;so&hellip;many Greek letters. So you’re either going to learn Greek or a new way to interpret reality. | Tagged: tweet

I’m going to finish @neilhimself ‘s NORSE MYTHOLOGY on my subway ride today and I’ve loved how bouncy and fun they are. He keeps the mythic poetic rhythm &amp; repetition tropes so the myths are familiar AND novel. I recommend! 2️⃣ train is now called Jörmungandr in my head 🐍🌎🐍 | Tagged: tweet

RT @funionnn: Hey everyone I figured out the problems, we forgot to keep putting the Netiquette rules at the top of every website | Tagged: tweet

@DanielBrami1 @NekoCase Vae! Omnes urbes tuae in pulveribus&hellip;occiderunt — Anxient Siouxie | Tagged: tweet

RT @AndrewTCollin: A diss track is just two grown men sitting in separate rooms, writing poems about each other. | Tagged: tweet

OK someone’s gotta do it. Who of us is going to bait him into tweeting about “Roseanne?” | Tagged: tweet

RT @ReinH: I feel personally attacked | Tagged: tweet

@ishabazz A new laptop line? | Tagged: tweet

@mperham Y U no wear Hoodie? | Tagged: tweet

@soft_chomps Did I miss the slot for a GDPR joke? | Tagged: tweet

Crying. | Tagged: tweet

@TalkFilmSoc Exciting. I hope he can bring that special bag full of carbon-monoxide over the head to The Fountainhead he brought to Sucker Punch and Watchmen. Good luck explaining how Francon wasn&rsquo;t <em>really</em> raped in the #metoo era. | Tagged: tweet

Hey my tweets have been all over the place today, but I did want to say this &ldquo;A Quiet Place&rdquo; was fundamentally perfect. See it before it leaves theaters. | Tagged: tweet

@timoni 1. Southern Reach 2. Xenocide 3. “Darmok” 4. Watts’ “Blindsight” | Tagged: tweet

I wish there were a bootcamp course for mid-life: geometric proofs, Euclid&rsquo;s Elements, λ-calculus, Arabian al-Jebr, {Newtonian, quantum} mechanics, growing food, textile production, decision theory, stats, adv. econ, assembly. I agonize around the words &ldquo;too late.&rdquo; | Tagged: tweet

@aviflombaum This was a good answer. I tried a tutorial, and it&rsquo;s cool: fast stuff in the browser. But I think I&rsquo;m looking for a <em>for</em>. OK, great, horsepower, can write libraries, but what&hellip;<em>for</em>? This is the quandary. | Tagged: tweet

@worrydream I do love that Oxbridge / MIT / Harvard 19-29th c. style of typesetting (my copy of Hardy&rsquo;s _Mathemetician&rsquo;s Apology; Allen &amp; Greenough&rsquo;s Latin Grammar) as shown in the Greek and math samples. | Tagged: tweet

@timoni Wasn&rsquo;t this a lovely series of semiotics studies wrapped in eco-Lovecraft? I saved this passage as well. It recalled that &ldquo;geo + metria&rdquo; has fuck all to do with measuring the earth (anymore). Similarly &ldquo;computer science&rdquo; is only incidentally about the computer, et al. | Tagged: tweet

@billchilds @slicingeyeballs Ted should ask the caller to produce a Document, he’s not that Green. | Tagged: tweet

Amazing. From being “America’s mayor” on 9/12/2001 to being booed at Yankee stadium. Cronyism hurts legacies, people. | Tagged: tweet

@ChipotleTweets I thought about and I think the reason people steal ‘em is because some customers love the spice. To empty sufficient (for me) smoky Tabasco takes like 200 shakes to fill the dish? Triple that for a bowl. BULK dispensers or big pre-filled dishes for HOT HEADS like me would help! | Tagged: tweet

So wrong. I’d handle the household if she wants to do the career at peak-earner. It’s some sexist-ass stupidity to believe that maintaining the home &amp; family is anything less than a critical role. | Tagged: tweet

Is there anything really exciting happening in tech that doesn’t involve a coin or a block chain that’s really exciting and in need of tons of new practitioners? Where’s the Rails of 2005 for 2018? | Tagged: tweet

@ChipotleTweets If I <em>were</em> to see see &lt; 1 plastic dish worth of Tabasco, and I <em>were</em> to take the bottle, would you still hate me? #AskingForAFriend | Tagged: tweet

When I survived my quarter-life crisis I thought I was an aberration. But as I&rsquo;ve known more people, esp. in their career-change throes, I can tell you in sum: people are tweaked, nervous, directionless, confused, en masse. Not sure if it&rsquo;s the industry or the times, but it&rsquo;s bad | Tagged: tweet

I loved “Annihilation” the movie and just finished the Southern Reach trilogy. I’d recommend it. The third book rewards the slog of the second and suggests a subgenre of affectless xeno-ecotastrophic-lovecraftian horror. | Tagged: tweet

RT @slicingeyeballs: Happy birthday, Siouxsie | Tagged: tweet

@gobslapped Memento mori always welcome | Tagged: tweet

RT @JakeRudh: Happy birthday to the truly original #SiouxsieSioux 🖤 | Tagged: tweet

Post wedding stress dream. I wake up because I was so late to a reception that everyone was mad, missed dinner, and instead had guzzled the liquor, angrily. | Tagged: tweet

@qrush | Tagged: tweet

@Thomas_Adam @geofft Good eye. The non-teal default colors is the giveaway. | Tagged: tweet

Maybe we can localize neighborhood response in Mel Brooks fashion (make hate ridiculous). Turn swastikas into the Win95 logo and turn this into “Ill Jews” by wheatpasing posters of the Beastie Boys over the “k.” #mca #adrock #miked #thaillest | Tagged: tweet

RT @PicturesFoIder: | Tagged: tweet

RT @radleybalko: It isn’t easy for a man to rip a screaming child away from his mother. Most of us couldn’t do it. This is where “animals”… | Tagged: tweet

Odd. The country that truly weaponized the use of monetized debt as a means for controlling sovereigns now finds itself battling that selfsame system. | Tagged: tweet

@steveklabnik Third IPA blind? | Tagged: tweet

@geofft Fvwm 4 eva | Tagged: tweet

For a second I thought it was Uber for yarn and I was so there. | Tagged: tweet

@WestSideYenta @westsiderag I’ve been running the west side park lately and between construction and lane closures it’s a disaster waiting to happen. | Tagged: tweet

@edevfoley @AlaskaAir I totally rock these on planes. I usually carry enough for my and my loved ones but haven’t worked up the temerity to hand them out. Yet. | Tagged: tweet

I wonder what the GDP productivity hit is due to open-plan offices where people are trying to find music that&rsquo;s loud <em>enough</em> but not <em>too</em> distracting but <em>peppy</em> but not cloying but can cover the mids of room-based conversation but which doesn&rsquo;t mean you won&rsquo;t hear a fire alarm | Tagged: tweet

@fox Heard from an awesome friend who was getting mansplained that &ldquo;software isn&rsquo;t engineering.&rdquo; She riposted: Well that&rsquo;ll be interesting when all that hardware gets junked because people want to download the app to the hardware in their pocket. | Tagged: tweet

oddly ungrammatical. seems like I Français-ified and misapplied &ldquo;faire&rdquo; from some mis-generalized idiom &ldquo;to making draining.&rdquo; I&rsquo;m oddly compelled. | Tagged: tweet

RT @alex_navarro: | Tagged: tweet

Come and get me, Japanese fairy butterfly mothership! | Tagged: tweet

Going back to text-mode internet sounds more and more appealing every day. Maybe the French were right with Minitel being sufficient and filling the rest of their lives with delicious food, wine, family, art snobbery, cinéma. | Tagged: tweet

You know the meme punchline image of Leonardo DiCaprio, ebullient, parading through SoHo(?)? Today is a day like that in NYC. If you&rsquo;ve never been that happy – that winter is over, that the humidity isn&rsquo;t yet making draining you – you&rsquo;ve never experienced NYC. | Tagged: tweet

@antiheroine Can&rsquo;t upvote this enough. @lauren_n_roth and I saw it at during a run at @SymphonySpace and all I want to do is make sure everyone sees it: to celebrate Hedy as well as to show how narrow conceptions of womanhood wrecks lives. | Tagged: tweet

@NekoCase @marthabayne First @NekoCase song I ever heard was Pretty Girls. Later a lyric about a fearless lady pilot. So I’ve known pretty clearly since “blacklisted.” | Tagged: tweet

RT @IL0VEthe80s: 36 years ago this year the Commodore 64 was first revealed at the Consumer Electronics Show, in Las Vegas back in January… | Tagged: tweet


This pillow wears JNCOs and has marks-a-lot Xs on its hands. | Tagged: tweet

@alicegoldfuss High because you were in a carrousel? | Tagged: tweet

Perhaps open-plan offices are like capitalism unto communism as detailed by Marx’s model: the necessary Hell-state before unfolding into a glorious future. | Tagged: tweet

Saw a girl on. Roadway this morning wearing the Use Your Illusion double cover shirt. She was the age I was when they came out. | Tagged: tweet

@webtwozero @aviflombaum @robcobbable @emilyst @kodewithklossy Every day we build and tune a machine that, when properly calibrated, has the necessary outcome of paving over all bad learning experiences with focus, approachability, philosophy, and, with any luck, Bauhaus references. | Tagged: tweet

Just completed a 7.52 mi run with @Runkeeper. Check it out! #Runkeeper | Tagged: tweet

@funionnn Update? | Tagged: tweet

@EricaJoy Searching for my bravery and trying to disentangle me from the system. I know you know this better than I ever will. | Tagged: tweet

RT @cevangelista413: BREAKING NEWS: All these cows are kissing this dog | Tagged: tweet

There is a thing that we as successful mid-career technology types know but we’re not saying. And I want to say that we all know it, publicly, and that someone is going to speak soon. And then&hellip;apres nous le deluge. | Tagged: tweet

I can’t decide whether I’m filled with anger or agreement or despair. | Tagged: tweet

@funionnn Poor Pascal. We know the pain! Just help him stand when he needs the support (drugs) and have a big mound of blankets ready for him to flop on. | Tagged: tweet

So uh, is High Sierra safe to use now? Blank password field for priv elevation’s been patched etc.? | Tagged: tweet

@anthonyharvey @FlatironSchool I love that you&rsquo;re keeping the glory and beauty of well-crafted CLI apps going. Awesome. | Tagged: tweet


@RachelBros We love it. We love you. We love Amy. The Mrs says she saw extras dressed in Maisel fashion in the neighborhood the other day and we were sooooo excited. | Tagged: tweet

@SWI_Prolog @steveklabnik Yes | Tagged: tweet

RT @McKelvie: Anything except admit the real reason. Anything. | Tagged: tweet

@SaraJChipps Showed skeeto-bite-prone wife. She’s into it. | Tagged: tweet

@EricaJoy @VirginAmerica @AlaskaAir @kaskade Pure rage. | Tagged: tweet

RT @ProductHunt: ��� | Tagged: tweet

From this thread: pretty much life will make your body hurt in surprising ways. For this most of us turn to anasthetics and @NekoCase, but then you realize who started the thread and realize the First Noble Truth all the way down. | Tagged: tweet

RT @TohoKingdom: R.I.P. Yuriko Hoshi (Mothra vs. Godzilla, Ghidorah, the Three-Headed Monster, Godzilla vs. Megaguirus) Dec 6th, 1943-May… | Tagged: tweet

RT @greekhistorypod: Episode 074 Marriage and Domesticity (the legal status of women in Ancient Greece, the dowry, and the epikleros; the b… | Tagged: tweet

RT @AlexIsrael: “There is no place like it, no place with an atom of its glory, pride, and exultancy.” –Walt Whitman on New York | Tagged: tweet

Truth: I pronounce “numpy” as if it rhymes with “bumpy.” | Tagged: tweet

Wow, The Dustbowl Revival&rsquo;s &ldquo;Got Over&rdquo; just broke my heart. This playlist needs to come with a warning and a lexapro. | Tagged: tweet

RT @dantoml: grep, sed, awk, and comm are the standard big data tools. | Tagged: tweet

@laurenancona I bet it was a cynical buzzword count tracker for some disgruntled employee. | Tagged: tweet

Just completed a 7.90 mi run - Rainy day run home. #Runkeeper | Tagged: tweet

RT @amayor: Prometheus making a man from scratch ancient Etruscan gem #GodsandRobots | Tagged: tweet

RT @geofft: | Tagged: tweet

So that&rsquo;s where Pyramid Heads come from | Tagged: tweet

ProTip: Don&rsquo;t read the comments on sites explaining how America got its name. | Tagged: tweet

RT @slicingeyeballs: Happy birthday, Andrew Eldritch | Tagged: tweet

RT @moocowpong1: I sure hope I&rsquo;m not the only one who keeps reading GDPR as German Democratic People&rsquo;s Republic. | Tagged: tweet

@mperham @tenderlove That got the ol gears Turing alright. | Tagged: tweet

Just completed a 7.77 mi run - Back on the wagon pasta-boy. #Runkeeper | Tagged: tweet

RT @BodegaBot: These two ex-Github engineers want to replace bagel shops with the Semantic Web Stack | Tagged: tweet

My peer group, if you’ve not seen @SHO_HAPPYish you are missing something you really need (on Netflix). Beautiful zenith of existential absurdist late-capitalist humor. Kathryn Hahn and Steve Coogan are stellar. | Tagged: tweet

RT @ohgoddickie: Happy mother&rsquo;s day from the Dune coloring book | Tagged: tweet

@aviflombaum And Princess Buttercup. | Tagged: tweet

RT @birbigs: I have my own damn suite in Walla Walla. | Tagged: tweet

RT @greekhistorypod: Inaugural episodes of @silkroadcast, giving a survey of the geography of the region and its critical importance to und… | Tagged: tweet

@funionnn @ceebdweeb Oh that throaty howl Yelp is the worst. Lotsa love and reassurance will help him understand that the world isn’t like that though things like this happen sometimes. | Tagged: tweet

@antiheroine I remember the pre première hype around it and then when it aired I was like: tired Beaver-esque plot, baby steals the show and&hellip;it’s puppets? | Tagged: tweet

RT @wita_staff: 風邪ひいて熱で頭おかしいだけなのですが、これをやりたいです。 雪山は寒いのでローションプールとかでやりたい。 誰かやらせてください。 | Tagged: tweet

RT @luvcraft: There are 3 types of Californian. | Tagged: tweet

I find Izabella’s commentary to be very thought-provoking and a lovely Taleb or Roubini style of rainstorm on most parades that might loosen my grip on measured enthusiasm. Plus yay for shouting out the Medici. | Tagged: tweet

@mperham Fudsy-B is my old-school hip-hop alias. | Tagged: tweet

RT @alicegoldfuss: talk about getting blood from a stone | Tagged: tweet

Tears in my eyes | Tagged: tweet

RT @aviflombaum: Thinking about switching careers? We&rsquo;re looking at you @SpeakerRyan. Come learn to code in DC with @FlatironSchool. https:… | Tagged: tweet

Reading about @PhizLair &lsquo;s experience of (music) Guyville in the late 90&rsquo;s reads just like every conversation I&rsquo;ve had with a woman in software. The Guyville guys sold their Rickeys, moved to SF, and got code jobs with benefits and organic cashew bars. | Tagged: tweet

RT @markdalgleish: &ldquo;One of Google’s goals this year is to make it possible for developers to code on Chromebooks.&rdquo; | Tagged: tweet

@ishabazz Shitty keyboards on laptops. They’re going to corner the market. And then they’re going to use this asset and some hitherto unimaginable way. | Tagged: tweet

@rauschma For me it’s staggering for @Apple hardware to go from the machines every developer wanted their company to switch to, to something that every developer wishes they could leave if only WSL + @code integration were slightly better. | Tagged: tweet

@rauschma Exacerbated by the fact that@apple hardware has gone down the toilet in the last five years. I know of no net promoter of the current MacBook. | Tagged: tweet

RT @thekitze: Not so long ago: &ldquo;Works on my machine&rdquo; | Tagged: tweet

RT @iano: These three weeks of spring really boost NYCers egos so much we talk biggest game the entire year | Tagged: tweet

RT @holyurl: we found love in a hopeless place | Tagged: tweet

Watched Thor 2 and 3. They were both a lot of fun. | Tagged: tweet

@linkblaine Bad ergo in those too. | Tagged: tweet

@sebpatrick Astounding. Not surprisingly the show runner has the rights to “Infinite Jest,” so pedantry jokes are thankfully assured. | Tagged: tweet

RT @DukeGreene: When your buddy is “venting” about how relationships are “unfair” because “females” are “impossible to please nowadays,” th… | Tagged: tweet

RT @mperham: Just googled “how to give arguments to a rake task” in case you wanted to know if I’m a 10x Rubyist. | Tagged: tweet

What is happening in America? “Incels,” apologia, social regress? | Tagged: tweet

I hung this print for years before leaving home. I knew it was Michaelangelo; and then later studied Heraclitus (whom the figure portrays); but only today I learned he was a last minute addition. Raphael was so moved by what was next door he added his colleague as a necessity. | Tagged: tweet

@linkblaine Yep. Dog ownership. | Tagged: tweet

@ethanschoonover I feel like in the postpocalypse this knowledge will ensure you steady access to the premium green plankton discs. | Tagged: tweet

@gnomeslair So much memories. | Tagged: tweet

RT @SonnyBunch: This ET sequel is dark af. | Tagged: tweet

Day 7 in Italy. I’m. Kinda. Ready. For. Salad. | Tagged: tweet

Most European Thing ever happened: I heard the water in the electric kettle for my Nescafé bubble over so I sped out of the bathroom and the draft caught a €5 and sent it into the bidet. | Tagged: tweet

It was a pleasure to share my own weird of experience of programming with the world. I hope your learners enjoy discovering Ruby’s malleability on their own. | Tagged: tweet

Honeymoon pro tip: skip a some of the sites and sleep 12 hours. After 6 days our brains are finally in a place where worry-free sleep is possible. 10, 10, and 12 hours thanks to walking &amp; Tuscan sun and wine is a blessing. | Tagged: tweet

RT @ashleyfeinberg: i honestly kind of forgot what a backbone looks like | Tagged: tweet

In Europe, New Yorkers dress as Europeans; Europeans, in as much NYC / Brooklyn swag as possible. 🤔 | Tagged: tweet

2018: you wake up from a nightmare where you accidentally / imprudently retweeted a dog whistle meme and now find yourself unemployed and vilified. Woke up and scrolled my history to see whether it had been real. | Tagged: tweet

Seen a lotta Python shirts here in Florence. Is python a preferred language of Tuscany? Given what happens to languages that get big here, is there a looming Dante of the dictionary here in the area? | Tagged: tweet

@antiheroine Tho adjacent article was awesome too: | Tagged: tweet

A curse that comes with success - realizing your practices need to formalize and accelerate. | Tagged: tweet

@EricaJoy I now shamelessly rock the surgical mask look on busy subways. | Tagged: tweet

In line at JFK behind many EU passports | Tagged: tweet

RT @mrjamesob: Brexit latest: Outrage as people who voted to abolish free movement discover that abolishing free movement means movement wi… | Tagged: tweet

Me: &hellip;the Hell that is writing without a fountain pen. | Tagged: tweet

Every. Woman. I. Know. In. The. Bay. Says. This. | Tagged: tweet

Leave. The. Bay. Area. | Tagged: tweet

@linkblaine Wife and I agree, very cute. | Tagged: tweet

1 hr 15 minutes so far to JFK from UWS. Clearly this infrastructure has everything: scale, resilience, delightfully-cologned Persian drivers. | Tagged: tweet

RT @cam_joseph: Just a reminder, folks: | Tagged: tweet

@ethanschoonover I am sick and tired of the conventional fixed style jazz. | Tagged: tweet

@davetron5000 Next: make Usenet great again. | Tagged: tweet

@linkblaine What’s the breed of your pup? | Tagged: tweet

RT @AndrewCrow: On the last @VirginAmerica flight from JFK to SFO. Pictures being taken, everyone is sad. People singing the safety video l… | Tagged: tweet

RT @hunterlurie: which pink floyd album is this | Tagged: tweet

RT @thecultureofme: wework partnership confirmed | Tagged: tweet

It’s a sci-if story about a generation ship but it’s really just a car leaving JFK for the City | Tagged: tweet

RT @washingtonpost: John Oliver wants to educate Trump, so he bought ads on Sean Hannity’s show | Tagged: tweet

RT @ananavarro: Trump promoted a racist “birther” conspiracy questioning Obama’s legitimacy. Melania stood by her husband’s insanity &amp; parr… | Tagged: tweet

Meant to cc @EricaJoy. Seriously I don’t know of better grits. Damn near wept&hellip;twice. | Tagged: tweet

@linkblaine Don’t start looking st your old clothes either. | Tagged: tweet

RT @mike_sell: An NRA protestor at our high school had a sign that read, &ldquo;EXPLAIN CHICAGO!&rdquo; so I told her, yes, the Kander-Ebb tunes posses… | Tagged: tweet

You have never eaten grits until you taste Blakley Kymen&rsquo;s kitchen&rsquo;s take on it at Marcello&rsquo;s in New Orleans. Served at my wedding and at a tasting about a year ago, it is absolute perfection when paired with shrimp. | Tagged: tweet

@CattleCastle Got married yesterday. Hate this trope. | Tagged: tweet

RT @TheBrutalArtist: JG Ballard knew. Even in 1977, he knew. | Tagged: tweet

Got married yesterday. It’s awesome. She’s amazing. | Tagged: tweet

@BenBajarin Or when it inexplicably auto launches when I just wanted to charge my damn phone. | Tagged: tweet

RT @BenBajarin: I can’t recall the last time I used iTunes on Mac. Mostly because of this. | Tagged: tweet

@rauschma For superstores in America this seems brilliant. | Tagged: tweet

Peak New Orleans? | Tagged: tweet

For 21 years I’ve known the Lucinda Williams line about “back in Algiers my darlin’ broke my heart.” In the next hour I will get a marriage license in the same village. | Tagged: tweet

So Michael Schur the runner behind @_TheGoodPlace also owns the rights to “Infinite Jest.” If anyone could do the impossible it might be him in filming it. OTOH I know it’s safe from lesser attempts by lesser directors so if he did it as prophylaxis, thanks. | Tagged: tweet

@NekoCase @FirstAidKitBand @ShempLabs Oh please oh please. Pump in extra oxygen for those pipes | Tagged: tweet

@Delta why is TSA precheck shut down in JFK T2? Besides a market opportunity for the @Clear salespeople to have a stranglehold sales pitch. As a New Yorker I respect hustle, but this looks like a swindle. | Tagged: tweet

It’s like when NY Phil people busk in the subway and get told “keep practicing!” | Tagged: tweet

RT @SarahThyre: He was one of the nicest people in show biz I&rsquo;ve ever met, speaking as the wife of a sidekick. | Tagged: tweet

@spncryn ‘‘Tis a sweet vintage. | Tagged: tweet

@almondmilka That bear is the sweetest. I always wondered what the program was that he nodded off to? &ldquo;On the Media?&rdquo; &ldquo;Prairie Home Companion?&rdquo; &ldquo;Learn Spanish in 12 Tapes?&rdquo; &ldquo;Bodak Yellow?&rdquo; | Tagged: tweet

RT @almondmilka: “not all men are trash” | Tagged: tweet

@SaraJChipps I did Trunk Club for about a year. The clothes were great and have held up by the premium really stuck. This is probably a factor of my age but I now really like Jos. A. Bank (even their casual stuff). | Tagged: tweet

RT @beauty_jackson: Black. | Tagged: tweet

@alicegoldfuss I think some of us have a deep memory. I can remember slights that happened decades ago. I didn&rsquo;t realize that others don&rsquo;t have this until recently. They can assume we don&rsquo;t still smart from it when they see us at pizza hut decades later. | Tagged: tweet

@SaraJChipps We’re at the finish line. Next Saturday the event happens. Will report back. But as far as I can tell the “ bridezilla” phenom. is a reasonable response to having a full time job dumped on you while you stage direct and go broke. | Tagged: tweet

RT @NekoCase: One of my favorite things about Berlin is you see elderly couples dressed like Roxette | Tagged: tweet

@ElizabethN @rachelmyers At @FlatironSchool were scaling education in staggering ways beyond the bootcamp model. Big shifts upcoming, backed by wework. Write? Code? Manage? Both? Author? Teach? Inspire? We have so much opportunity ahead it’s boggles. LMK! | Tagged: tweet

RT @PaulMMCooper: You can almost hear the brickmaker shooing away his dog from this clay brick that was used in the building of the Ziggura… | Tagged: tweet

RT @yoavlurie: Paul Ryan is going to primary Donald Trump. That’s gonna happen. | Tagged: tweet

@melbotis Is that Bartman? | Tagged: tweet

RT @rajandelman: I hope Janelle and Tessa never announce they&rsquo;re dating and just keep making more elaborate music videos until they acciden… | Tagged: tweet

@wbruce Good job Bruce! Your heart will be so thankful! | Tagged: tweet

@marthakelly @LaurenLockliear maaaaaaaaannnnnn! | Tagged: tweet

OK Rant time: HOW GOOD IS &ldquo;THE GHOST WHO WALKS&rdquo; by @KarenElson_. The pedal steel like falling hammered metal rain; the prosodic genius of the uniformity in &ldquo;The Birds They Circle&rdquo; twisting on &ldquo;secrets in my bones,&rdquo; &ldquo;down to the dirt below.&rdquo; So glad this exists in this timeline. | Tagged: tweet

2018: I build Intro to Programming &amp; Augmented Reality curriculum w/ an awesome team at @FlatironSchool to fuel @karliekloss&rsquo; @kodewithklossy initiative while listening to my favorite murder-ballad chanteuse @KarenElson_ (pictured here). Elson show is on the bucket list. ❤️ | Tagged: tweet

@antiheroine And then Uncles Stable Genius and Uncle War Twain said: | Tagged: tweet

@marthakelly @LaurenLockliear What does dump it mean? Dropped it so you could regain it? Dropped it off at a collaborator so it was on the bart on a way to a fence operation? | Tagged: tweet

RT @kinnsyg: Just tried this&hellip;&hellip;&hellip;&hellip;&hellip;.My wife did mind. | Tagged: tweet

RT @qrush: S̕E҉́N͜A̕͟Ţ́̕O̕R̨͠,͝ ͞͏W̵̵È̵̡ ͟Ŕ͠U͡҉̸N̡͘ ̴̨͢AD̢́͘S̢ | Tagged: tweet

RT @oldpicsarchive: Iranian woman in the era before the Islamic revolution, 1960 | Tagged: tweet

RT @shipdrummer: @SonnyBunch you see how I enjoy your human toast | Tagged: tweet

The Queen. | Tagged: tweet

RT @exjon: When they&rsquo;re done with Zuck, can the senators grill Spotify&rsquo;s CEO on why he keeps shoving The f*%!ing Lumineers down my earholes? | Tagged: tweet

My dog got shots today and it really tires him out. | Tagged: tweet

@EricaJoy Leave your unnecessarily adorned Mac and cheese the Hell at home, Karen. - T’Challa | Tagged: tweet

@timoni Unless you were suggesting that <em>I</em> do the swapping which would be awkward because the deposits on my upcoming nuptials are in that &ldquo;you get nothing, lebowski&rdquo; phase of the contract. | Tagged: tweet

@timoni I am wo-man who will fight for your honor I&rsquo;ll be the she-ro, you&rsquo;re dreaming of We&rsquo;ll live together Knowing for ever that we did it all for the glory of love? | Tagged: tweet

@timoni It seems positively archaic. A man wanting to be grand for a woman. A man believing a woman should be honored. There&rsquo;s some heavy chivalric patriarchy there, but you never doubt that he reveres her. How quaint. I miss it. | Tagged: tweet

RT @antiheroine: Happy Cubs&rsquo; opening day! | Tagged: tweet

RT @ekp: Over the 10 days I caught up with two friends. Each independently mentioned the lack positive feedback from their managers&ndash;one fi… | Tagged: tweet

RT @PixlEmly: ・ 。 E∴。 *  ・゚*。*・   ・ *゚。   *   ・ ゚*。・゚ X。    &amp;・。°*. ゚ *  ゚。·*・。 ゚*    ゚ *.。=。 . ・   * o 。・゚*.。     * + ゚・。 * 。     ・  ゚o… | Tagged: tweet

RT @AmeliaMangan: Never forget this inexplicable promo pic for Cronenberg&rsquo;s CRASH that makes it look like the must-see prime-time sitcom of… | Tagged: tweet

Fans of Infinite Jest: What do YOU think happens to Hal after the book chronologically ends end? In Arizona. I worry (too much) about Hal; his ailments and how his life goes post-S.T. (@noradio @chadfowler?) | Tagged: tweet

@dastels @garybernhardt @CompSciFact Is there a solid canonical textbook or curriculum for the LC? Studying the LC as continued growth but often find strange assumptions or glosses where repetition would be appreciated. Any recomms? | Tagged: tweet

RT @garybernhardt: My favorite reason to learn a bit about the lambda calculus: it shows us 1) how simple computation is (at first it seems… | Tagged: tweet

RT @qrush: ・ 。 🐝∴。  ・゚*。🐝・   ・ *゚。   *   ・ ゚*。・゚🐝。    🐝・。°*. ゚   ゚。·*・。 ゚*    ゚ *.。🐝。🐝 ・   * 🐝 。・゚*.。      * 🐝 ゚・。 * 。     ・  ゚🐝 。'… | Tagged: tweet

RT @ubuweb: Six hours of Women Making Electronic Music [MP3] | Tagged: tweet

This Duane Reade is playing Best Coast signing about SoCal. My fellow New Yorkers are sharpening things and eyeing the speakers. | Tagged: tweet

RT @mcfunley: | Tagged: tweet

RT @pixelatedboat: Donkey Kong | Tagged: tweet

@iano @SaraJChipps ❤️blessings of love❤️ | Tagged: tweet

RT @flyosity: When you post a funny joke to the Messenger group chat | Tagged: tweet

@izakaminska Have you ever noticed how SV and Bay Area types use the noun “reality” to describe totally fucked situations? Do a count on how often FB c-suite use it. It’s a tell. Sandberg uses it here too. | Tagged: tweet

RT @feministy: Happy “5 years ago I quit my job to learn to code” anniversary to me ✨ I AM STILL HERE, TECH. You haven’t destroyed my will… | Tagged: tweet

@edevfoley Not braggin&rsquo; but my team (not including me) once we reach full staffing will be 50-50% at worst with a rotation from another team which will put it 60-40% with woman majority. So. Y&rsquo;know. #bragging @FlatironSchool | Tagged: tweet

@cyberduckapp is a great app. But something&rsquo;s not right with that duck icon. It&rsquo;s looking at me&hellip;. | Tagged: tweet

RT @antiheroine: A cool thing I get to work on 👇 | Tagged: tweet

@seldo Hit me. I’m up in Barbar-futurism. | Tagged: tweet

Maybe Trump will do Amazon a favor and after mocking the PO incessantly, drop the service and let Amazon have a total monopoly. Enjoy that Phyrric victory there, Ace. | Tagged: tweet

If citing the &ldquo;Pizza, &lsquo;suh; Lasagna, &lsquo;za&rdquo; sketch is ever wrong, I don&rsquo;t want to be right. | Tagged: tweet

@lauren_n_roth So many better ways to court diabetes in the Big Apple | Tagged: tweet

(I’m of the era that knew VBScript and JS for writing marquees in browser so&hellip;) | Tagged: tweet

Excel is the Jupyter notebook of the C-suite. | Tagged: tweet

RT @ziyatong: This is why I don&rsquo;t eat bacon 🥓 | Tagged: tweet

RT @bbbyjocey: IMA GO TO HELL FOR LAUGHING | Tagged: tweet

@Philips is this really the best you can do for your customers? Note the ineffectiveness of cutting on the dashed line, the tortion from twisting futilely, the failed bite marks of a herd of coyotes that couldn’t tear this. | Tagged: tweet

RT @RaminNasibov: | Tagged: tweet

RT @lostboy: im crying im so happy for them | Tagged: tweet

My last tweet was “land the plane right.” And then I see they were literally on a plane. I meant it metaphorically. More songs like S1, be nice to Chan, no weird plot tangents. Give us Tovah and Rebecca moving forward. | Tagged: tweet

Land this plane right! | Tagged: tweet

RT @lauren_n_roth: New favorite Turkish place. Harmony Grill on 31st and 8th ave. | Tagged: tweet

@westsiderag Smdh. Namas gonna need some J’s to leap that. | Tagged: tweet

Friends in education and/or coding. I’m finding out third hand that you’re applying (or thinking about it) @flatironschool. 🙌 Wherever you are in the process, even if idle musing, let me help. Warm handoffs of great people is my passion. | Tagged: tweet

RT @oldpicsarchive: “Without music to decorate it, time is just a bunch of boring production deadlines or dates by which bills must be paid… | Tagged: tweet

RT @slicingeyeballs: Watch: The Breeders return to Conan O’Brien’s show after 25 years, play ‘Wait in the Car’ http… | Tagged: tweet

@timoni The bay to breakers course is always awesome. I do it whenever I visit Sf to see how it’s changed. | Tagged: tweet

RT @UnburntWitch: fuck. I just realized if Crash wins the Hugo I’ll be accepting it almost 4 years to the day after my ex tried to destroy… | Tagged: tweet

@SaraJChipps @jewelia Also this is fake snow. Won’t stick. Slow moving sticky rain. Small umbrella a good idea. Also: move here. SF is not a city. | Tagged: tweet

@DanielMiessler I’m underwhelmed by tempurpedic 7 years in. Expected a longer life. | Tagged: tweet

@juliamae @linkfinds This might be my most favorite twitter thing ever. Like I might have come here for this. | Tagged: tweet

RT @mikebroberts: Sqlite is an undervalued adhoc analysis tool. I never realized you can give it a CSV file and it will immediately let you… | Tagged: tweet

Hm. I’ve been thinking about writing a script to take the Facebook download and extract it to Jekyll posts&hellip;then Exit Facebook | Tagged: tweet

Between the fog, humidity, and preparing halal carts, Wall street is basically a cloud of onion-ness. | Tagged: tweet

It just dawned on me that a measure of Infinite Jest’s achievement is that I could easily imagine character sheets for a table-top RPG set in Boston, Year of the Depend Adult Undergarment. | Tagged: tweet

Shout out to seton hospital and to the appendix that convinced me I was definitely not going to live a life without her happily; we get married next month. :) | Tagged: tweet

It’s hilarious because it’s true. We’re so Stockholm syndrome we think curses and readline keybindings are deluxe. | Tagged: tweet

Man I’ve been missing the stupidly talented Bill Hader since he kinda took some time away. “Barry” looks great though (still Vinnie Videcchi is a masterpiece). | Tagged: tweet

@dark_shark @NekoCase I’m put in mind of the Bowie invitation of Fripp to Berlin: “Do you want to make dangerous rock-n-roll?” | Tagged: tweet

Today: Finished &ldquo;Infinite Jest.&rdquo; I&rsquo;m still rattling through some of the custody of a certain samizdat, and tying together some characters&rsquo; forays, but I&rsquo;m glad to have read it (and not have to lug it on the subway). | Tagged: tweet

I work for @WeWork but I&rsquo;ve never worked <em>in</em> a @WeWork. I have to say, if I had my druthers, I&rsquo;d never work anywhere else. The co-tenants are inspiring, beautiful spaces, surprising conversations. They all keep my brain from stultifying. It&rsquo;s a new high bar for office space. | Tagged: tweet

Saw Hedy Lamarr doc &ldquo;Bombshell&rdquo; at @SymphonySpace. It was really outstanding. It&rsquo;s so hard to be a woman in tech, but all the more so when one&rsquo;s seen as a great acquisition by male egos due to beauty. Catch it if you can. | Tagged: tweet

RT @shannon_last: Today I saw a Honda Odyssey with ILIAD on the license plate. It made my day. | Tagged: tweet

RT @svershbow: Date someone who wants to leave for the airport as far in advance as you do. | Tagged: tweet

RT @antiheroine: This seems as good a time as any to share that, as of next Monday, I&rsquo;ll be joining the curriculum team at @FlatironSchool.… | Tagged: tweet

&ldquo;Steven!&rdquo; Yelled the amazing woman in the @WeWork kitchen on the 27th floor. 3 years ago I had had a hand in her programming education. She&rsquo;s now working through a thorny code upgrade process at a company on the same floor. Amazing people in this location! &lt;3 | Tagged: tweet

Just so much opportunity @FlatironSchool. If you really love tech and want to do educate people in a new model, you should really work with us. Community builders, curriculum writers, marketers, curators of better lives&hellip;.hmu. | Tagged: tweet

When I was listening to @NuShoozMusic “I Can’t Wait” on “Nick Rocks,” if you’d told me I’d be listening to it while watching helicopters land from an office in NYC on the 27th floor, I’d have thought you bonkers. But&hellip; | Tagged: tweet

Fitting Room Urban Legend: A man comes in with the max # of items, tries them on, brings them out in a heap without hangars. He is asked to hang his items. He plays the &ldquo;never in my life&rdquo; card. Attendant: &ldquo;First time for everything, I guess.&rdquo; | Tagged: tweet

Non-Hispanic White Male here who wants to promote @netflix &lsquo;s @OneDayAtATime. The stories are timeless and abuelita is pure hilarity. It&rsquo;s tender, sincere, real, and loving. I love this show so much. | Tagged: tweet

My dog ran up to a homeless person and gave hugs and attention. She then saw him sit outside a deli because he wanted a sandwich. I told her this. She shook her coin cup to count out enough for him. I had to insist no, but thanks. A little love makes the world better. | Tagged: tweet

Quick Reminder: In this timeline we have Kate Bush&rsquo;s &ldquo;Hounds of Love.&rdquo; | Tagged: tweet

@johnregehr “Who can quote passages from mid-seventies Prog-era through “Signals” Rush with the accuracy of a Replicant and the precision of a flux capacitor” would have only narrowed it slightly more awkwardly. | Tagged: tweet

55% Infinte Jest. I hope my favorite character stays my favorite. | Tagged: tweet

In the biopic for the life of Serge Gainsbourg, only Jessica Paré will do for playing Jane Birkin. | Tagged: tweet

@hayesdavis Ignore these amateurs. If you want to plumb the abyss of misery, try Lou Reed&rsquo;s &ldquo;The Kids&rdquo; from &ldquo;Berlin.&rdquo; | Tagged: tweet

Your unwillingness to enact sensible gun control means that this Good Boy has to comfort grief-stricken teens instead of smelling trees and gettting belly-rubs. Fuck the NRA AND THEIR CRAVEN QUISLINGS. | Tagged: tweet

&ldquo;He’s a connoisseur of anger, &hellip;he senses a prelude to their anger about a lot more&hellip;&lsquo;It’s not Me Too. It’s&hellip;an anti-patriarchy movement. Time’s up on 10,000 years of recorded history. This is coming. This is real.'” | Tagged: tweet

The “Joelle and has Too Much Fun” section of Infinite Jest may be my new favorite section of a book ever. So much going on&hellip; | Tagged: tweet

RT @mcclure111: TFW your monotheistic God is actually just three polytheistic gods hiding in a raincoat | Tagged: tweet

::cosmic mind:: all the vendors use excel so make life easy by using sheets or excel | Tagged: tweet

RT @mattsebastian: I&rsquo;m old enough to remember when Best Buy was a CD store that also carried computers and refrigerators | Tagged: tweet

Nerd achievement unlocked: streak 30 days of NYTimes crossword; solo, no external help. | Tagged: tweet

That feeling when you ask something on Stack Overflow and don&rsquo;t get flamed into oblivion and you think &ldquo;Huh, maybe something isn&rsquo;t /quite/ right after all and I&rsquo;m not a complete idiot faker loser dirty little pig boy (or girl).&rdquo; | Tagged: tweet

@Noahpinion The soccer fields where I learned soccer and was first exposed to Mexican culture, 30 years on now has a cricket pitch on it as well: Houston. | Tagged: tweet

RT @JEG2: When you adopt a framework like Rails, you&rsquo;re agreeing to let other developers manage some of your concerns. | Tagged: tweet

RT @lauren_n_roth: Planning verse and prose for a wedding ceremony is a sure trigger for tears. | Tagged: tweet

@gobslapped It’s the piping of that data to vim that destabilizes the terminal. The -o in xargs keeps it sane. | Tagged: tweet

RT @bowiesongs: one of the great coincidences of the 20th C: Ursula Le Guin and Philip K Dick went to the same high school, at the same tim… | Tagged: tweet

This and that my iPhone X headphones don’t work in the latest MBP ARE PROOF Mr. Jobs is no longer with us. | Tagged: tweet

RT @danwlin: If only we could’ve known that a guy who couldn’t sell steaks to a country that loves meat, couldn’t sell vodka to a country t… | Tagged: tweet

@lauren_n_roth :: Infinite screaming into the void :: | Tagged: tweet

Worf teaches most of what you need to know about Nietzsche in his discourse on the Klingon tea ceremony: | Tagged: tweet

The first book I completed of 2018 was “This Spake Zarathustra.” What a work. Maddening and dense and hopeful and baffling. I harvested a ton of great quotes. | Tagged: tweet

RT @mlroach: &ldquo;Why don&rsquo;t any senior engineers apply here?!&rdquo; | Tagged: tweet

The @Petco At Columbus center on the #uws is closing. Yesterday we walked in to @flo_tweet ‘s “The Dog Days Are Over” playing. | Tagged: tweet

Every time I start a new job I burn too hot too short and get sick about week 3. | Tagged: tweet

HAWAII. Couple at a silent, awkward breakfast: | Tagged: tweet

@lauren_n_roth found a beautiful and powerful part of “Lady Bird’s” plot mechanics. It’s like the coming of age mounts for 95% and then bursts forth like a dammed river. ❤️ | Tagged: tweet

Silicon Valley is beyond irony. It’s approaching the Trump valley. | Tagged: tweet

Maybe Sessions should ask his boss, a hotelier whose grandmother was a hotelier about he lucrative nature of intoxicant sales. | Tagged: tweet

Only perk of Sessions going after pot is, like T. Roosevelt actually enforcing blue laws (alcohol sale outside “hotels” on Sunday), it lead to the clear, legal, and taxed sale of alcohol on Sunday. It also united the German vote against the Democrats in NYC. | Tagged: tweet

RT @keithellison: The war on drugs didn’t stop drug usage; it just ruined a lot of lives. Jeff Sessions is reviving it because he believes… | Tagged: tweet

Successfully established a style guide point of 80-col width. 2018 is looking up. | Tagged: tweet

RT @GeorgeLakoff: Trump uses social media as a weapon to control the news cycle. It works like a charm. His tweets are tactical rather than… | Tagged: tweet

RT @GeorgeLakoff: Two items trending on Twitter right now. One is what Trump wants you to focus on. But THIS is the REAL story he wishes to… | Tagged: tweet

So AWOLnation are coming to nyc but the tickets are really expensive. I’m going to wait a bit and see if they go on&hellip;.sale! | Tagged: tweet

Recreational Pot Is Officially Legal in California via @NYTimes - every single incarcerated person in for sale or use within these tolerances deserves a purged slate. | Tagged: tweet


Listened to Kwanzaa programming on @WNYC. After a year of great tribulation, the African rhythms and folk tales are calming. Thanks for opening up my ears. | Tagged: tweet

The Phases of Aerobie for Christmas: A Play in 5 Acts | Tagged: tweet

Most powerful musical rest since “Knock on Wood” and the opening of Beethoven’s 5th | Tagged: tweet

RT @isilitke: <em>Werner Herzog voice</em> | Tagged: tweet

Many nights I wake up 45-90 minutes after sleep with the urge to kick my legs uncontrollably. Remedies seem to be magnesium and peanut butter. Any ideas what this is. Worse when stressed. | Tagged: tweet

I hope Santa brings that copy of “Thus Spake Zarathustra” I requested for Christmas. | Tagged: tweet

Work highlight: finding the #dogs Slack channel and introducing the team to Byron. | Tagged: tweet

Everyone&rsquo;s shitting on 2017, fair enough. But I&rsquo;m down at least 1000% on hearings of &ldquo;Hey there, Delilah.&rdquo; #takethewin | Tagged: tweet

When you are swooning over the lovely romantic songs of @KITTENTHEBAND but then find out @Chlochai is 17 and you are much, much older. | Tagged: tweet

I get why George Lucas gave it up. | Tagged: tweet

I can order a car on demand, dozens of cuisines, chat with people in Australia. But to get a pass in a Battery-area office building I must wait in line with a letterhead as approval. You thinking what I&rsquo;m thinking? BLOCKCHAIN 2 THA RESCUE. | Tagged: tweet

@kenkeiter @sarahmei Stark is an MIT guy: its in Lisp. Now Spideys suit&hellip;.hackathon writ so, Python (also hackable by a boy in a chair (rahhhhhhh)) | Tagged: tweet

I was so busy yesterday that I forgot to tweet that I&rsquo;m thrilled to have joined the team at @FlatironSchool as curriculum team manager. Day 1 included reviewing reducer code, talking rogue bitcoin harvesting, and admiring Black Thought&rsquo;s breath control with @aviflombaum. | Tagged: tweet

Dude just ordered a &ldquo;mescaline&rdquo; salad. Mesclún, my dude. | Tagged: tweet

#fullfrontallive #samanthabee show with @lauren_n_roth. Time to see the evisceration in person. #perchselfie | Tagged: tweet

@questlove WOW! Your &ldquo;roots&rdquo; with Dr. Gates was so moving, so profound, and so cruel. Hearing about the Clothilde reminded me of the bet at the center of &ldquo;Trading Places:&quot;? childish, ignorant, destructive, and cavalier. Shameful history but a powerful story. | Tagged: tweet

So, nerd, you&rsquo;re gonna go back in time and use your superior technology to (with any luck) escape to Baghdad or somewhere civilized from &ldquo;Christendom?&rdquo; About as likely as irrational-based measurement leaving the US. | Tagged: tweet

Met an amazing woman studying Python and Data Science solo. She&rsquo;s Oracle-certified, Unix strong, worked for multiple Big Banks. She&rsquo;s nervous about tech interview &amp; learning wrong tech. IMO she has a huge edge but is still nervous. Retraining might be the next phase of bootcamp. | Tagged: tweet

First snow is magical. It&rsquo;s kinda wet and all, but Manhattan feels 80% quieter. | Tagged: tweet

@alycit Feeling was mutual. I think my experience was that I had given so much I needed to refill the pool. I also wrote down all the things I wished to have time to do Looking back now, I did quite a few! It helped me feel like I got better each day. | Tagged: tweet

All Confederate monuments must be removed. | Tagged: tweet

@alycit I recommend giving this feeling tons of time. I also (sorry?) disconnected from the ecosystem. I didn&rsquo;t want to reminisce or trade what-ifs. I signed up for coursera courses. I wrote fun code, fixed my home tech-life and let my sole soul guide me to when I ought emerge. | Tagged: tweet

Farewell to my friends winding down @devbootcamp today. I was glad to receive a special Christmas ornament. | Tagged: tweet

@SaraJChipps @PBS @jewelbots To be clear, I miss the BBS&rsquo;, not teens. I mean, they&rsquo;re alright and all, but y&rsquo;know, I don&rsquo;t need their angst on top of my own. | Tagged: tweet

Things it is not := { &ldquo;Terri Garr&rdquo;, &ldquo;Terrycloth&rdquo; } | Tagged: tweet

I love &ldquo;Actors on Actors&rdquo; on YouTube. Add this: document.getElementsByTagName(&ldquo;video&rdquo;)[0].playbackRate = 2.25 in the console. Very helpful. | Tagged: tweet

RT @alycit: Two days left of this beautiful and amazing place we created. This sentiment rings so true right now. We are what made @devbo… | Tagged: tweet

Fear an old man in a discipline where men usually die young.&ldquo;California, the place where anything was possible, has become the place where nothing is affordable.&rdquo; – Didion-esque | Tagged: tweet

Doki Doki Whiteboarding Interview Club | Tagged: tweet

@alicegoldfuss Most of my stack overflow posts go unsubmitted because my fear of being ridiculed requires me to be thorough and methodical which usually means I solve it myself. If I hit submit I always want to show that I have the receipts. | Tagged: tweet

Episode 106 of #MrsMaisel is brilliant. Alex Borstein and @RachieBros just told such a beautiful story. It&rsquo;s the &ldquo;Gilmore&rdquo; grade magic. | Tagged: tweet

@fbz I do! Those were so great. I liked Land of Lisp for a similar reason. Something magical about transcribing code to make things run. | Tagged: tweet

RT @lauren_n_roth: If you want a pure antidote to everything terrible in the world, watch The Fabulous Mrs. Maisel. It’s so wonderful. | Tagged: tweet

RT @DrAndrewThaler: Folks, I think we need to start coming to terms with the idea that the rapture happened and only David Bowie and Prince… | Tagged: tweet

@lissiemusic Cannot wait for &ldquo;Castles.&rdquo; Where does the Ojai girl after she finds her own Wild West? Definitely getting the vinyl. | Tagged: tweet

Goddammit when I say I want Trance I want Trance. I don&rsquo;t want House, I don&rsquo;t want Deep House, I don&rsquo;t want Vocal House, I want some goddam Trance #20inthe90sineruope | Tagged: tweet

RT @VK_HM: The reason Frasier is so popular with millennials is that he basically hosts a podcast and is always alone | Tagged: tweet

RT @pt: Silicon Valley, where we celebrate the 80 hour workweek &amp; the four hour workweek, but consider everything in between a life of quie… | Tagged: tweet

If @Apple were trying to tell Serious Developers (tm) that they don&rsquo;t give a fig about the Mac except as a platform for writing iOS apps, leaving a gaping root exploit is a good way to say &ldquo;Thank you, we&rsquo;re through.&rdquo; Wide open door, @Microsoft. | Tagged: tweet

@schlaf How about &ldquo;Budgeting&rdquo; and &ldquo;making yourself a nutritious meal.&rdquo; I took that class it was called HOME EC. | Tagged: tweet

RT @GPollowitz: Prince Harry&rsquo;s kids will be Americans. What if one grows up to be president and is in line for the throne at the same time?… | Tagged: tweet

I really dug &ldquo;Girls Trip.&rdquo; I&rsquo;ve been a fan of @TiffanyHaddish since I heard about her great charity work on @unqualified. @ReginaKing was wonderful, @IAMQUEENLATIFAH too. Also really dug @jadapsmith &lsquo;s character going from very pent up to <em>very</em> misbehaving. Very funny! | Tagged: tweet

Former boot-camp teacher here: students with a good pen and an overflowing notebook performed better, consistently b/c they never confused &ldquo;learning the magic words to type&rdquo; with &ldquo;learning.&rdquo; | Tagged: tweet

RT @HistoricalPics: Chevy Chase in the late 1970&rsquo;s in between a food fight. | Tagged: tweet

One of the more surreal moments of my life, as I reflect on it, was my 7th grade science class reading a script to &ldquo;WKRP in Cincinnatti&rdquo; where Johnny Fever gets hooked on uppers in our anti-drug week. How did that deal get done? | Tagged: tweet

@btaylor My future mother in law, a Midwesterner, has an audible comma after &ldquo;Alexa&rdquo; as if Alexa might once say &ldquo;one moment please.&rdquo; | Tagged: tweet

@NekoCase @TMobile @ATT Neko Case: voice that can fill a canyon, wireless connectivity troubleshooter, community organizer, visual artist. | Tagged: tweet

Honestly the Americanness of Queens is the best part of Spider Man: Homecoming. | Tagged: tweet

&ldquo;You know @mattbaker could convincingly play Jim Henson in a biopic,&rdquo; I thought upon leaving the exhibit at the Museum of th Moving Image. | Tagged: tweet

I&rsquo;m about to start &ldquo;Infinite Jest.&rdquo; Any tips? Skip the footnotes? Pause narrative, read footnotes and hop back? Maximum page count per diem recommendation? | Tagged: tweet

Lawrence Fishburne on @nerdist is 🔥🔥. Reagan, Latin education, Black culture + filmmaking + rise of hip-hop, lack of humanities, praise of no-nothingism, &ldquo;self-revealing versus self-reflecting&rdquo; cultures. Give it 6 minutes from this timepoint: | Tagged: tweet

Going to see the exhibition on &ldquo;The Dark Crystal&rdquo; at the Museum of the Moving Image in Astoria on Saturday. You can do amazing stuff all the time in #NYC. If any of my tweeps are interested LMK. | Tagged: tweet

This time of year, New Yorkers could really use kotatsu. | Tagged: tweet

RT @captainsafia: Take: People don&rsquo;t miss Google Reader, they miss the ability to curate their content consumption without the invasive nat… | Tagged: tweet

New Blog: &ldquo;Windows Returns as a Platform for Web Development Again&rdquo; | Tagged: tweet

Nietzsche: &ldquo;“If this writing be obscure to any individual, and jar on his ears, I do not think that it is necessarily I who am to blame” | Tagged: tweet

Windows Returns as a Platform for Web Development Again | November 12

RT @samim: &ldquo;The Case For RSS&rdquo;: RSS needs a comeback. Twitter is basically a glorified realtime RSS reader. | Tagged: tweet

In these times I am thankful for the creativity and brilliance of @nbcthegoodplace, it&rsquo;s writing, @IMKristenBell &lsquo;s subtlety, @DarcyCarden &lsquo;s interpretation and all the myriad of moments the entire cast and writers bring. | Tagged: tweet

@DarcyCarden you are amazing. | Tagged: tweet

@FirstAidKitBand I believe you were born to endure this kind of weather. | Tagged: tweet

Someone can hate your youtube tutorial video, or someone can REALLY HATE your YouTube Tutorial video <em>with style</em>. | Tagged: tweet

&ldquo;Her T’s are shiny and bright, like the ringing of a hand bell.&rdquo; | Tagged: tweet

The great joy of introducing an adult to Django Reinhardt. | Tagged: tweet

Superstition is a technology too. #zomg | Tagged: tweet

@goldman Orkut will always be a success to me. Met @lauren_n_roth on it. Nuptials next year. | Tagged: tweet

Just installed a 1TB SSD into my dead and forgotten in the closet 2011 Mac Mini. The beast rides again (zippy &amp; silently). | Tagged: tweet

At this point my retirement plan is to buy some Michigan land with water now while I have some cash and to live best I can of what i grow. | Tagged: tweet

Kids think they&rsquo;re gettin&rsquo; candy tonight when their parents computers are gettin&rsquo; my root kit. | Tagged: tweet

Dark Souls and Nietzschean Philosophy | October 31

RT @newtgingrich: Robert Mueller is superb choice to be special counsel. His reputation is impeccable for honesty and integrity. Media shou… | Tagged: tweet

When you aren&rsquo;t sure if you&rsquo;re on a familiar block because a scaffold has (dis-)appeared, seemingly instantaneously #nyc | Tagged: tweet

That break in &ldquo;Kiss them for Me&rdquo; where they do the Indian voices. #siouxsieforever | Tagged: tweet

RT @ohen39: wife: I just got stung by a jellyfish. quick, pee on it me: [peeing on jellyfish] this is for stinging my wife | Tagged: tweet

Review Hyatt Regency New Orleans | October 26

Keeping Context With Tmux and Digital Ocean | October 24

New Blog Post: Remove the Symbols of the Confederacy: | Tagged: tweet

Remove the Symbols of the Confederacy | October 23

@Brooklynology @rowmyboat Follow Up: Found my g-g-ma buying the property where her husband&rsquo;s saloon (for which he was protested!) stood in W&rsquo;burg(h) | Tagged: tweet

Reflections on a Year of Engagement | October 20

The Purple Light and New York Weddings | October 20

New Blog Post: &ldquo;Addition to Jekyll: chill_post_url&rdquo; | Tagged: tweet

Blog Post: The Purple Light in New York Wedding Venues: cc:@tomdale | Tagged: tweet

Zipcar: A Lesson in Confusing Customers | October 18

@mattwhitlockPM @kurt_loder Young Beignet here to rep the 504. | Tagged: tweet

Coursera is the UDP of education. | Tagged: tweet

i dream to bathe in a barrel of magnesium fire. | Tagged: tweet

Farewell Tom Petty | October 5

The last 2 minutes of Portishead&rsquo;s &ldquo;Wandering Stars&rdquo;&hellip;and the previous 3 minutes, too. | Tagged: tweet

Do you write JavaScript? If you&rsquo;ve never read this, add minutes back to your life: | Tagged: tweet

New Blog Post: &ldquo;Guide to Developing Chrome Context-Menu Applications&rdquo; | Tagged: tweet

@triketora Why do they have to get jazzy with the sirens? Bop de Bwap boop a beeeeee booooo beeeee boooo ba ba bar bar bar Barbara ann beeee booooo | Tagged: tweet

@FirstAidKitBand You two are a gift. I remember Pandora (early days) serving you two up and it was a gift in my SF winters with my gf; soon to be my wife :) | Tagged: tweet

RT @SaraJChipps: Today has made me appreciate how good Obama (as president) was at comforting a grieving nation. | Tagged: tweet

Lotta babies were made to tom petty; or after that one extra beer you had because his music felt so nice on such a pretty day. | Tagged: tweet

RT @mathowie: Kathy Sierra warned us all ten years ago. We did nothing and the cycle repeated until our goofy web tools brought us to the b… | Tagged: tweet

My upbringing included the following phrase which I can&rsquo;t stop thinking about today: Eloi Eloi lama sabachthani | Tagged: tweet

The ceremony of innocence is drowned; The best lack all conviction, while the worst<br> Are full of passionate intensity. - Yeats | Tagged: tweet

Errors Inhibiting Complex Software | September 30

Guide to Developing Chrome Context Menu Applications Part 5 | September 27

Guide to Developing Chrome Context Menu Applications Part 4 | September 27

Guide to Developing Chrome Context Menu Applications Part 3 | September 27

Guide to Developing Chrome Context Menu Applications Part 2 | September 27

Guide to Developing Chrome Context Menu Applications Part 1 | September 27

Guide to Developing Chrome Context-Menu Applications | September 26

In my mind Aiden Gillen plays John Cale (&ldquo;Drella&rdquo; era) in the biopic | Tagged: tweet

Remember it&rsquo;s all jokes and fun for boys until it isn&rsquo;t. Beautiful smiling youngsters enacting hate with laughter. | Tagged: tweet

Where&rsquo;s the biopic for Dorothy Ashby cc:@questlove | Tagged: tweet

Migrating From Octopress 2 to Octopress 3 | September 20 | Tagged: technology blogging ruby

RT @goosemangus: Totally hypnotized by the amazing @Maisie_Williams pulling off this ridiculous dagger move!! | Tagged: tweet

This week&rsquo;s &ldquo;New Yorker&rdquo; digital edition&rsquo;s cover is beautifully enhanced with animation of leaves. | Tagged: tweet

The awkward time of year when McSweeny&rsquo;s class white people have to decide if it&rsquo;s too early to share the &ldquo;decorative gourd season&rdquo; article. | Tagged: tweet

Megan Mullally and Nick Offerman are hilarious from minute 1. Fast and quick. | Tagged: tweet

Hiatus Projects | September 18

So, I'm Not Working | September 18

Book Notes Extraction: A Mind at Play | September 18

Blog: So, I&rsquo;m Not Working: | Tagged: tweet

@garybernhardt : 3 dozen Teslas pull up to Palo Alto High : &ldquo;Oh are we on a board together and they moved the meeting here? Oh you read the tweet too LOL!&rdquo; | Tagged: tweet

Michael Cera is so nice every tribe is willing to let him in. And I gotta say, he&rsquo;s kinda killin&rsquo; the Pauly D hair. | Tagged: tweet

@edevfoley And doesn&rsquo;t dress like a fake new yorker: wears a real sleeping bag all winter, yoga pants to fad-gem, and sweats thru tank tops all summer. | Tagged: tweet

I asked her to marry me. Proof of the love: designing the Capfile to deploy our wedding app. | Tagged: tweet

Chrome Extension: amaJSON: Export Notes From Kindle Books as JSON | September 14 | Tagged: javascript programming productivity

Chrome extension to extract your Kindle notes / annotations out of Amazon and into beautiful JSON. | Tagged: tweet

RT @WritNelson: When your job is creative and your side projects are creative and the things you do to relax from both are also creative-re… | Tagged: tweet

Bowie: Space alien, knower of &ldquo;Fashion&rdquo;, occasional chooser of dull shirts. If he can swing to brilliance AND failure, so can you. | Tagged: tweet

Returning to the Site | September 12 | Tagged: Personal

RT @hunterroseeee: &ldquo;Girls don&rsquo;t mature faster than boys, they&rsquo;re just groomed earlier for sexual consumption and physical /emotional labour… | Tagged: tweet

RT @J_Arcane: Never forget the time a gay man and an army of women saved the Western world from fascism with ludicrous amounts of really cl… | Tagged: tweet

@marthakelly Monkey Island I; Indy jones / Atlantis; Space Quest IV; Sam &amp; Max | Tagged: tweet

RT @zerobeta: Equifax: you missed a cc payment 3 yrs ago. How irresponsible. Good luck buying a home | Tagged: tweet

We have a Zojirushi rice cooker. When cleaning up I take the leftovers and mush them into small balls that I call &ldquo;Mifunes.&rdquo; #kurosawasan | Tagged: tweet

Jury duty tomorrow. Proud to serve my fellow citizens of the Empire State. 🗽🤔🤝 | Tagged: tweet

Something about Septermber and &ldquo;Floodland.&rdquo; | Tagged: tweet

&ldquo;This is currently undocumented but easily understood by reading the source.&rdquo; Advice: Add a period after the 4th word, delete to end. | Tagged: tweet

There was whisky, tender flesh in tawdry costume, dancing, diabolical violins, &ldquo;Happy Birthday,&rdquo; a boat close hauled. | Tagged: tweet

Must be fall on the East Coast: heard Guster through open windows at a bar. | Tagged: tweet

&ldquo;And in all of the west lands the voice of the water, with her eternal disasters is feared, and heard&rdquo; - H. Marsman; Dutch poet; died at sea | Tagged: tweet

@BCAppelbaum It&rsquo;s been 20+ years since I left Houston but I know &ldquo;Mattress&rdquo; Mack 1) will save me moneeeeyyyy and 2) is a fine philanthropist and human. | Tagged: tweet

In my unemployment I&rsquo;m writing C and Lisp and Python everyday. And I can&rsquo;t help thinking I see a different bootcamp in between the ; and ()s | Tagged: tweet

If only we had stopped the Internet at the brothers Chaps&hellip; got no better. | Tagged: tweet

I never anticipated how much @rushtheband &lsquo;s &ldquo;The Trees&rdquo; (1978) would prepare me for life in the 2017. | Tagged: tweet

If you think a statue of a mounted Grant guiding bayonets into rebels is in bad taste, you should get why Confederate monuments are too. | Tagged: tweet

RT @sigridellis: My son was at his blacksmithing camp yesterday. He came home with a knife &ldquo;forged in the dark of an eclipse.&rdquo; | Tagged: tweet

I had a lot about Civil War monuments. Here&rsquo;s one for the morally correct view: THE UNION. | Tagged: tweet

@altclassic One of the best records of the 90&rsquo;s; one of the best concerts of my life (Utrecht, &lsquo;98): an opening scratch battle that awed&hellip; | Tagged: tweet

W145th : 12:30 pm: threat of la chancla deployed to vicious effectiveness. Acting like fools stopped for a 3 block radius. | Tagged: tweet

There is a town in Texas whose name, if you google it, shows you a picture of an Applebee&rsquo;s. | Tagged: tweet

I love &ldquo;@Atypical&rdquo; on Netflix. Such wonderful acting and a tender script and autism reality. So good. And WE LOVE PAIGE! | Tagged: tweet

In SF, I often saw femme-projecting women ignored, marginalized, mocked, minimized or set aside. | Tagged: tweet

RT @TheEconomist: Donald Trump is politically inept, morally barren and temperamentally unfit for office | Tagged: tweet

@JohnLegere, CEO, rocks @TMobile magenta everywhere all the time. His employees know he is always selling their team&rsquo;s work. | Tagged: tweet

@avdi I&rsquo;m actually doing the cracking the coding interview tasks in Lisp and I feel it - even if I can&rsquo;t yet harness it&hellip; | Tagged: tweet

RT @mzbitca: the president has taken a harsher stance on Kristen Stewart cheating on Rob Pattinson than he has neo nazi marches and violence | Tagged: tweet

War movies are interesting: &ldquo;Pvt. Ryan&rdquo; made life seem cheap meat to slaughter; &ldquo;Dunkirk&rdquo; conveys that every one is dear and afraid. | Tagged: tweet

@sarahmei I&rsquo;ve been told we&rsquo;re called Xennials. | Tagged: tweet

FUCK &ldquo;The Kingsman&rdquo; which made anal sex with a princess a prize as a stupid and unnecessary joke — ruining the whole vibe of the thing. | Tagged: tweet

I wore pants in #nyc today. Let&rsquo;s get that fall on. | Tagged: tweet

This. No employee should call force his employer into this position: PR disaster is ruining others&rsquo; week. No way he makes the much value. | Tagged: tweet

RT @CodyBrown: For many entry level engineering jobs at Google, you get kids w/ a CS degree from MIT and a Gender Studies minor from Reddit. | Tagged: tweet

BTW: the scientists we hope are not making Skynet / F&rsquo;stein&rsquo;s monster have the same level of humanities education as Google Memo Guy. #hosed | Tagged: tweet

Bet: Google Memo Guy guy thought his liberal arts requirements were &ldquo;a waste&rdquo; because he&rsquo;s &ldquo;logical.&rdquo; | Tagged: tweet

RT @BFriedmanDC: &ldquo;The party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears. It was their final, most essential command.&rdquo; | Tagged: tweet

@kamrinklauschie Reading about Lisp: &ldquo;s-expression.&rdquo; Sounds like a Prince song title. | Tagged: tweet

RT @hoverbird: @noradio @sayrer @iano getting a fresh made turkey club at 4am | Tagged: tweet

RT @girlziplocked: The myth of male immaturity is a social construct. It&rsquo;s a way for men to get away with disavowing the consequences for e… | Tagged: tweet

@cwshevlin @devbootcamp It was you that did the most! The teachers second. I&rsquo;m glad to have played a part though. | Tagged: tweet

&ldquo;Don&rsquo;t block NYers by standing on sidewalks, in entries, etc.&rdquo; But shuffling at 40% speed up subway stairs while #phonambulating? OK! | Tagged: tweet

People: I have low levels of b12 and vitamin D. Anyone else suffer with this / have a solution? | Tagged: tweet

Taking my dog to groomers, I passed today&rsquo;s shoot and saw the &ldquo;Mrs Meisel&rdquo; lettering and am now so excited for more @RachieBros as Midge. | Tagged: tweet

I&rsquo;m sure she has sore muscles, a bad day, a cold, etc. but we never hear of her failing to be Diana Prince. It&rsquo;s work I want to recognize. | Tagged: tweet

Male role models get C. Barkley&rsquo;s &ldquo;I never said I was a role model&rdquo; as an out —on the presumption of emotional work by women being &ldquo;free&rdquo; 2/ | Tagged: tweet

NYC needs to get over itself re: summer. Suits in the subway with the heat we had today!? With global warming this is just the start. | Tagged: tweet

Waiting for dental appointment in Manhattan and HGTV host used the phrase &ldquo;suburb of Waco.&rdquo; Tempus fugit. | Tagged: tweet

Cold open to steady string of bass quarter notes: &ldquo;Psycho Killer&rdquo; or &ldquo;Hardest Button to Button?&rdquo; T&rsquo;would be a stellar mashup. | Tagged: tweet

One of the more humorous experiences one can have is hearing @escaping_mind meep @maroon5 &lsquo;s &ldquo;Animals&rdquo; as Beaker the Muppet. | Tagged: tweet

RT @JenAshleyWright: Donald Trump Jr., at 39, is being called a kid. | Tagged: tweet

When you&rsquo;re in a transitional moment in life and then you discover that Sia has a new record. :fire: | Tagged: tweet

Wow @alliex sounds like Emmylou Harris washed in electropop on this one: | Tagged: tweet

@JimDedman Mile End, Montreal, Quebec, Canada | Tagged: tweet

Said @escaping_mind : Montreal is like if French people built Austin (yep: 6th street plus boot stores). | Tagged: tweet

Gonna buy a French &ldquo;Valérian et Laureline&rdquo; whilst in Montreal. | Tagged: tweet

&ldquo;Indiana Jones and the &lsquo;it belongs in a museum&rsquo; speech for a culture-robbing, eschatological death-cult called &hellip; Hobby Lobby&rdquo; | Tagged: tweet

Watched &ldquo;Taxi&rdquo; S1E3 which featured Angela, for whom their iconic theme &ldquo;Angela&rdquo; was composed. | Tagged: tweet

Man &ldquo;I Love Lucy&rdquo; was edgy: The early drama of late-stage Captialism, monogamy, urbanism versus suburbanism | Tagged: tweet

@Zalambar Liberal arts and art were knowledge for those born wealthy. As we move backward to inequality, this might be a sacrifice in the step back. | Tagged: tweet

I wish I could get my &ldquo;We Will Rock You&rdquo; a la carte. I wanted stamping, not your &ldquo;We Are the Champions&rdquo; loser-time bereftness. | Tagged: tweet

Our hotel uses real keys. And puts them on keysticles. | Tagged: tweet

Overnight in Monmouth co, NJ we relaxed to OG battlestar, Wonder Woman, and Trek&rsquo;s &ldquo;Menagerie Pt 1.&rdquo; U jelly? | Tagged: tweet

Every time I see a bolt of lightning across the clouds I think of &ldquo;The Gunslinger&rdquo; by @StephenKing and lightning as ideograms across the sky | Tagged: tweet

Thanks jabberwockeez for blessing this day. | Tagged: tweet

What&rsquo;s diversity done for you? Given you &ldquo;Master of None S2.&rdquo; Wonderful stories from lives you might not have considered. | Tagged: tweet

Duane Reade no longer sells microwave popcorn. I guess it&rsquo;s gone to that big date night in the sky to join Blockbuster video. | Tagged: tweet

At the beginning of the week I asked stack overflow how to combine, and convert several files in Node.JS. Not a single answer. | Tagged: tweet

Richmond, VA feels like Austin 1998. Young people in cool houses. I king to Fresh Market from yoga classes. | Tagged: tweet

As I aged her and Prince&rsquo;s shadows have only grown longer. | Tagged: tweet

@ethanschoonover Rush&rsquo;s &ldquo;Presto:&rdquo; Zork and D&amp;D maps; later: Rifts and Illuminati. | Tagged: tweet

RT @monkchips: arguably the most powerful tech company in the world hires engineers in their 60s. we should all learn from that | Tagged: tweet

RT @CoryBooker: Please read this profound speech by Mayor of New Orleans, Mitch Landrieu re: the removal of confederate monuments. https://… | Tagged: tweet

Hearing Chris Cornell scream across a piano&rsquo;s range <em>in key</em> is one of the highlights of my teens. #RIPChrisCornell | Tagged: tweet

When Soundgarden ruled the air bands wrote and performed their songs. Virtually unthinkable in pop today. 1/2 | Tagged: tweet

Some day I will be able to not eat an entire box of Mike &amp; Ike&rsquo;s in one sitting. | Tagged: tweet

Ron-kón-kuh-ma | Tagged: tweet

The character arc Ep IV Special Ed really broke was Jabba. From avuncular investor negotiating %s to murderous gangster is inexplicable. | Tagged: tweet

My dog is a New Yorker. &ldquo;delivery&rdquo; is a word that induces excited dancing and prancing. | Tagged: tweet

My skill in designing technical curriculum was best trained by Sierra game savepoints and cheating through choose your own adventure novels | Tagged: tweet

&ldquo;Max Headroom&rdquo; was right about everything except the conduit. It was TCP/IP (wired/unwired), not coaxial cable. | Tagged: tweet

@DanielMiessler I just drop to shell with Ctrl-z; reattach with fg. | Tagged: tweet

RT @thomas_violence: i&rsquo;ve tweeted about this before but Sugababes being a perfect example of the Ship of Theseus paradox is the most beauti… | Tagged: tweet

My favorite breakout performers of the last 2 years have both been Rachels: @Racheldoesstuff and @RachieBros. Fearless and funny. | Tagged: tweet

&ldquo;Marvelous Mrs. Maisel&rdquo; is as if Zabar&rsquo;s, &ldquo;Broad City,&rdquo; &ldquo;Kimmy Schmidt,&rdquo; and &ldquo;Mad Men&rdquo; had a Gilmore baby. Rachel Brosnahan is hilarious. | Tagged: tweet

Where music video touched high art. Colors done on film, pre photoshop, glory. | Tagged: tweet

We all lose our in innocence in degrees, but the day one realizes the wooden cap on Cholula is merely decorative has a special tangy burn. | Tagged: tweet

In Manhattan everyone is checking phones while they wait; in NOLA while waiting for dinner an absent-minded twerk broke out. #puritains | Tagged: tweet

RT @daisyowl: if you ever code something that &ldquo;feels like a hack but it works,&rdquo; just remember that a CPU is literally a rock that we tricke… | Tagged: tweet

New Orleans: coffee with a side of Ginuwine. Guess the song. | Tagged: tweet

So spiders kill prey for interrupting their train of thought. | Tagged: tweet

Just remember, you don&rsquo;t need the liberal arts. You know how to code! | Tagged: tweet

Really, my dream is to think in Lisp and sleep peacefully at night. | Tagged: tweet

Few shows have created characters such that a proper noun and a gerund could invoke such terror: &ldquo;Omar strollin&rsquo;.&rdquo; | Tagged: tweet

That special moment when you get the worst bloody nose you&rsquo;ve had in years as the plane is taxiing out and you&rsquo;re wearing a new shirt. | Tagged: tweet

With all these displays of unity, decency, and piety, I wonder if converts will increase. <em>Then</em> we&rsquo;ll see &ldquo;Who&rsquo;s a real American&rdquo; get nasty | Tagged: tweet

Giving up on humanity. My M.O. is to make sure dogs inherit the Earth. Consider all of Trump&rsquo;s decisions in that light. | Tagged: tweet

The poetry of David Berman on The Silver Jews&rsquo; &ldquo;Natural Bridge&rdquo; is sublime: it&rsquo;s like Miltonian Judaism..20 years later. | Tagged: tweet

Wrote JavaScript to extract my highlights and notes taken on my Kindle to a file. When you know how to code, life is better. | Tagged: tweet

Just for a moment let me remind you of something: we live in a world with rye toast and coffee. | Tagged: tweet

Bought the @KarenElson_ &ldquo;Ghost who Walks&rdquo; record just in time to be ready to get her next record. Definitely the optimal format for her. | Tagged: tweet

Is there post apocalyptic Native American sci-fi? E.g. After rising waters and ruined industrial food chain First Nations know how to adapt? | Tagged: tweet

RT @Lollardfish: GOP: Free speech is important you fucking lefty snowflakes! | Tagged: tweet

I&rsquo;ve dreamed of playing @Interpol&rsquo;s TOTBL on vinyl in NYC on a rainy night for 15 years. Tonight. Now. It sounds amazing, it looks amazing. | Tagged: tweet

I love #TheGoodPlace. The cast are all great. Smart writing, funny enacting of philosophy dilemmas. Fun. | Tagged: tweet

You have been a key part of helping me and my fiancee keep sane these last few days w/ The Good Place. Everyone on this show is stellar. | Tagged: tweet

Heard from @AlecBaldwin: New York is a river, LA is a lake; one, you let the street carry you, the other you gotta dig your oars in to go. | Tagged: tweet

Love it so much. Kid is wearing a Miley shirt in front of a man whose demons could press tears from angels. | Tagged: tweet

@questlove great interview with @AlecBaldwin on &ldquo;Here&rsquo;s the thing.&rdquo; I would love a book of departure records with stories / gestalts! | Tagged: tweet

We love the tree hallway in all seasons in Riverside park. | Tagged: tweet

I got engaged to @escaping_mind which is cool&hellip;.but I&rsquo;m thinking maybe I should have married Trader Joe&rsquo;s Jalapeño Pub Cheese instead. | Tagged: tweet

I was going to marry her anyway, but she bought me &ldquo;Purple Rain&rdquo; on vinyl. | Tagged: tweet

Verifying myself: I am sgharms on nYlm30iSnyBmzdDB_NxS39yUy3WSXU5Fv5wX / | Tagged: tweet