A great set o’ music on KFJC


I may be a bit too old to be listening to the local college radio station, it may be time to give it up and listen to the same 14 songs on Clear Channel stations….

But I’ll take that medicine when the last firey bit of blood in my veins has frozen stiff.

The other morning on kfjc i heard a really great quartet of tunes:


Williams, Lucinda Pyramid of Tears [coll]: Por Vida

Holland, Jolie Catalpa Waltz Catalpa

Nadler, Marissa Bird Song Ballads of Living and Dying

Laibach Across the Universe Let It Be

Cobra Killer Without A Sun 76/77

I have long been a fan of the Lu and recently came to like Ms. Holland this year, but Marissa Nadler is A-Mazin’. Her voice is somewhere between Jolie Holland and Hope Sandoval (chanteuse of Mazzy Star) but with a real Portuguese fado accent on it as well.

Very impressed.

Lastly Laibach’s tune was this gorgeous a-capella chorus rendering of the Beatles tune.

I also really liked the Cobra Killer track.