Media Consumption Weekend Part 1: New music...


I’ve added a consumed media section so that my “current media” side panels can be archived somewhere. Enjoy.

Over the last several days I read several books, bought some music, and watched my 3 Netflix DVDs. Media days! I shall now tell about some of these latest dishes. First up, music.

Back when I was having a terrible time with insomnia I would often see the Coheed & Cambria Video on MTV (yes, Virginia, they occasionally do play videos). I was struck by the awesome naming convention of their songs (“A Favor House Atlantic”) and albums (“In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth 3:") and their dead-evident musicianship.

In the Venn diagram where Tool, Rush, a helium tank, Isaac Asimov, and the Deftones there is Coheed and Cambria.

I can’t say it’s necessarily easy music to listen to, but then again really good music doesn’t usually give up its secrets easily. Dostoyevsky ain’t JK Rowling and if it were it wouldn’t properly be Dostoyevksy.

I was chagrinned that the Best Buy in East Palo Alto had sold out of the new Interpol release and that iwll have to pick it up elsewhere. In lieu of that I grabbed the new CD by Vegas-area nouveau-new-wave band “The Killers”.