Media Consumption Weekend Part 2: Books read in Hawaii


Here they are:

I thought this was an interesting book. I picked it up thinking that it would be a book on the “clash of civilizations” perspective on the West versus Islam (see Hunington’s The Clash of Civilizations). Interestingly enough, the thesis was different than I expected.

Thesis: The globalizing marketplace creates conditions which accelerate and abet Jihadism (not strictly Islamist but Nationalist, Segregationlist, pro-Quebequois, etc.). Their interplay is bad for democracy.

{ Finished The Gnostic Gospels, reviewed in consumed media}

This was an amazing book! Brilliant, beautiful, Romantic, touching…I’ll be reviewing it in its own post. Recommended by counselor James Dedman.

A funny and sardonic, Edward Gorey-esque, story. Ostensibly a kids book, i
t’s Victorian mort noir sensibility was a lot of fun.

What a pleasant surprise! I was expecting something along the lines of The daVinci Code - old artifacts, researching, shadow conspiracies, etc. There was an element of that, but what I thought was special about the book was the way it dealt with the topic of students in their senior year of college.

The students were hard working and intelligent, but they were all questioning against that great mysterious wall of graduation.. I loved the dynamics of 4 guys in a house – the disparate interests united by intelligence and ambition – it really captured the magic of