After Virtue: Chapter 3


Today at Farley’s again. I’m sure that the patrons and the staff must think that I am insane as I mutter and pace about as I hack and slash though this book.

I think that someone should have given this book to an editor. As a master of the recursive sentence, I can appreciate what MacIntyre is doing, but dammit man, sometimes your points are simply lost!

I also get irritated when philosophy writers think that they have to hide what they’re really getting at to keep you interested. If you want to string the suspense out over a paragraph or two, fine, but this novel format of philosophical treatises grows taxing quickly.

I can only hope that the internet’s effect on writing (the hypertext metaphor, specifically) will change the structure of texts for the better.

…or it may just make them ramble aimlessly like weblogs ;)

I need some time to synthesize the chapter. I’ll get the notes up posthaste.