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I totally stole the title from sobblog

Doug McIntyre, conservative radio personality is currently apologizing for voting for Bush.

In this essay McIntyre reflects the way I have largely felt under the leadership, stewardship, years with this guy as President. He was a plain folks guy who was going to do a lot of nothing until the world put him in a position of having to make real decisions. Since that time he’s been spun around by ideolologues, Neoconservatives, Dick, Karl, Mommy’s estrangement, and Daddy’s expectations like an A&W; bottle at a 13 year old’s spin-the-bottle party.

Like a guy fresh out of a tilt a whirl trying to piss off of a balcony into a bottle (differerent one than used for kissing games) he’s made a damn poor mess of it.

But McIntyre is right, the second biggest crime is that there’s no real opposition party that’s coming up with new ideas, new approaches. They’re all just hollow, cynical bozos.

It was an interesting read.

But it’s under the leadership of this confused simpleton that things like this happen.

German citizen with Arab last name ( Khaled al-Masri ) is walking down the street and get “Renditioned” to Guantanamo.

Sources have said Masri was held by the CIA for five months in Afghanistan because of mistaken identity. Masri says he was beaten, sodomized and repeatedly questioned about alleged terrorist ties.

From the Washington Post

What? This guy was walking down the street, minding his own business and allegedly some jackboots come down, drag him off to destinations unknown where he is interrogated, humiliated, and has his anus invaded? Dear God almighty, what the hell has gone wrong with this country?

Remember Brazil? Due to a typographical error an ordinary Joe is picked up, hauled off to a torture cell and is ultimately killed? Well, thankfully for al-Masri he didn’t keel over after having his liberty stripped from him. And now, without so much as an apology, without any sunshine illuminating this dirty operation, al-Masri is bade farewell.

I’m sorry. If I were on vacation in the Baltic and the KGB swung by, put me in a torture box, and invaded my body while thinking I was someone else you can damn well bet I’d expect an apology and a Big Mac. This government is out of control. Fear and insanity have absolutely gripped the “leaders” in Washington. This is simply terrible.

Mr. al-Masri. I’m sorry my country has gone insane with fear.

At the moment, the judge has said that the Department of Justice needs offer absolutely no commentary.