Hey I’m back in action after taking some time out for travel and moving.

I went to San Jose last Wednesday and in the process of flying got sicker that I remember being in a great long while. The trip to ATL had just worn me out, cramming for my C++ exam during the weekend and then flying back out was a bit more than my immune system could take.

I arrived in SJ sick and, thanks to the congestion in my head, I was unable to hear out of my right ear for a couple of days. If the trip-factor of Robitussin hadn’t sent my world loopy, the imbalance factor of having my cochlear fluid altered would have been sufficient. Upon arrival I proceeded to attend my planning meeting and even managed to spit out a presentation.

After the presentation I was bundled up in my coat, with fleece on, shivering. Any sane person would have been at home.

I, clearly, am not sane.

I bolted to the gorgeous Hotel Valencia, valet’d the car, took a double dose of NyQuil and got some much needed rest. Throughout the rest of the trip it was minimal effort and maximal sleep being the goal. When I left back for ATX on Saturday I was just beginning to recover.

….but we had to move! I arrived, Lauren picked me up and we headed straight from the airport to try to pack up our old apartment. Much to my chagrin she had caught my cold and was just about to hit the nadir of that nastiness. I can’t believe she trooped on, but we managed to move a great deal of stuff in the XTerra to the new place. Actually, it’s worth noting that my she-Valkeryie had, on her little lonesome, packed up clothes, pots, pans, bed (!!??!!) and a great many other basic necessities and moved them while I was away.

She’s a winner in oh-so-many ways, this is just another bit of icing on the cake.

Sunday Lauren and I woke up and emptied our storage unit ( a truck from U-Haul gained before ) and emptied it into the apartment, caughs, sniffles, and Kleenexes during the activity. The Mover of Melbotis and Mrs. The League met us at the old place and the Mighty League helped me move our biggest items with the aid of the Forearm Forklift ™.

We unloaded into the new place, grabbed a bit at the Waterloo Ice House, and then Lauren and I turned our attentions to unpacking.

Since Monday it’s been pretty much unpacking, assembling a new IKEA haul, and attempting to recover from our colds. The place is pretty much put together and is very livable. We really like the space and I love having my work and home so close by.

Another upside of the move is that i bought the mas macho cable modem service, 10 down and 1 up. That should make transfers of naughty pictures Rails Code much zippier.

I’ll post some pictures of recent adventures shortly, but I’m back in town, mostly healthy, and enjoying the breezy Austin springtime.