Working hard to prepare, working hard to recover


As you may have noticed from my posts before I went to the Rails camp, I had to do a lot of work to take my tests early, turn in my school homework early, get caught up at work early, etc.

…So that I could vanish for a week….

And now I have to get caught up in advance again because I have to go to SJ this Wednesday.

Rest next weekend? Nope. Moving.

I’m taking the first three days of the week after that off to unpack and, maybe, just maybe, get a day of rest in there somewhere before my body decides to clue me into its opinion by getting me sick.

Yesterday I prepared for my CS class exam on Tuesday and this morning I prepared a cheat sheet ( we’re allowed an 8.5x11" sheet ). I’m ready. Now I just need to get caught up on my math class’ reading, do my homework that will be due Thursday and then I can just focus on the work I need to do in SJ while there.