Getting harrassed by BCR Credit Collection Agency


Last week I started receiving phone calls from the BCR collection agency.

I was in Atlanta with weak reception last week, so I missed the deluge as it began last week, but now that I’m back in Austin I’ve been receiving the messages. They call asking for a girl ( whose name I recognize from the initial weeks when I got this number, about a year ago ). I say she isn’t at this number, she will never be at this number, etc.

The next day, I receive an automated call from BCR.

The next day, I receive a call from BCR.

Saturday I went ape on the poor girl and demanded my number be removed from the list. Sure enough, Sunday morning at 9am, the phone rings, an automated call from the same area code and prefix as BCR saying “please call us back.”

Today I have called them back and demanded my removal. For anyone else googling this, try their main line at (202) 607-2749.

I asked who they wanted and verified that I was not that person.

And for a non Internerd here the story would end.

….but then I put this girl’s name into Google and found her MySpace page.