Escaped Ice-o-Topia last night


Yesterday afternoon things looked a bit warmer so I went outside to find my car encased, like so many bachelor freezers, in thick ice. I fired up the de-froster and picked at the outermost layer on my back glass. It wasn’t long before I managed to have the sheet off. One thing led to another and I slowly began removing sheets of ice that had encased my car.

Before long, the car was de-iced and, given recent dryness, I was able to take it out for a spin. Lauren hopped in and we drove very carefully about our immediate environs. It was so nice to see some of the world again.

Later that evening we drove across the MoPac bridge very, very carefully w/ 4x4 on and met up with my mom and sister at my sister’s apartment. We went thence to Hyde Park Cafe after my sister’s fiance joined us. I got the winter-eschewing Chicken Fried Steak and bolted down the Woop Woop Shiraz (tasty!) and we all had a great time. The restaurant was crowded, but everyone was obviously glad to get out of their ice enclaves.

Tonight starts my first night of night classes. 16 weeks of education…