End of the week in SoCo


After having had an extremely busy last few weeks workwise and lifewise I decided that I needed a visit to my chiropractor, Dr. Ron Burnett on 6th street.

Finishing up my 5 o’clock appointment, it was clear that the traffic back to my apartment would be more pain than it’s worth so I asked Lauren, who had accompanied me to Dr. Burnett’s Austin Funky re-hab office-in-a-house, if she was up for grabbing a margarita and dinner at Guero’s. She was game.

We shared the fajitas for two and then I made an amazing discovery I recommend you try. I ordered coffee and a praline for dessert. I put a bit of the praline in the coffee instead of sugar and it made a really rich, smoky, nutty ( pecan ) flavor. It was the great compliment to that finely bitter Ruta Maya roasted coffee.

Also this week I made it to a meeting of the Austin Cocoa Software Developers meetup group. It was a really good time talking Cocoa and Mac with some other interested parties.

Other than that I hit my head on a limitation in LDAP because my company is using 2.2x OpenLDAP versus 2.3x OpenLDAP. Some points of frustration I was facing stem from this problem. I’m hoping to get the upgraded code put in place … but I’m also not relishing the prospect of additional learning curve. I’ll see how it goes.

Good news, I’m taking an introductory Java class in Houston the 2nd week of January. I took a Java class back in college, but somehow it seems to have kinda dimmed out – and I suspect that things have progressed significantly in the last 6 years, so it’s probably good to get resynchronized.