Why my girlfriend totally rules


Contrary to popular belief (held by my sister) I do not live at Costco ( she just seems to always call me when I’m there ). Nevertheless, I do go there a bit from time to time.

Invariably we follow the same pattern: enter, look at the pornography for males (Big, shiny, TVs), look at the pornography for females (Big, shiny, jewlery), head for the DVD section, head for the book section, and then get on with what we came to do.

For the last several weeks, when my girlfriend has come across the stacked piles of freakish, skinny, freakbat, looney Ann Coulter’s latest book “Godless” she has taken books from the neighboring stack and laid them atop the Coulter book, essentially ensconcing her whacked-out, paranoid-delusional tome under