Busy, Busy

Busy, busy, busy, is what we Bokononists whisper whenever we think of how complicated and unpredictable the machinery of life really is.

Kurt Vonnegut Jr. - Cat’s Cradle

  • The yoga challenge continues and I’m very close to completing my goal. I just completed the 35th day in a row of practicing

  • Last Wednesday we went down to Beck’s and caught Idgy again. It was a lot of fun to sit back with a beer or two, hear songs that we’ve now memorized, and see our girl sing.

  • I’ve undertaken the services of a financial planner to help me get my priorities straight and consider my options more completely. I’m not such a very disciplined saver so visiting a planner seems sorta like going to a doctor and a personal trainer at the same time. It’s like you’ve been on a diet of Oreos for the last year and you know the doctor will yell at you, and then you know the doctor will tell you you need to run 3.2 kilometers per day, and then you know he will show up at your door every morning to make sure you did your 3.2 kilometers. In this case, it’s not Oreos I’ve been on, it’s been consumption and instead of running 3.2 kilometers, I’m being told to stop buying silly stuff, going out to eat, and … well you get the idea. We’ll see how that goes. My horoscope today said that everything would be taken care of by January - it’ll be odd if it just so happens to align.

  • The League is coming! Part of the friends of The Daily Texan blog circle, The League, and his wife are relocating from The Valley of the Sun, to Austin.

  • As readers of the comments in the previous entry may have noted, one Mr. Garcia has re-found me via this site. That’s one of the benefits of having your own vanity-named web site, people that you miss have a better chance of finding you if they are looking for your or if they come across your e-footprints.

  • The Wednesday before last I went to the Texas Federation of Women’s Clubs with Lauren and we took an introductory swing dancing class and then danced a bit. I had learned some dancing years ago …but that had all faded during my time in the bay, we had a good time

  • I’ve read the first three Hellboy graphic novels

  • I’ve been reading a book on Ajax programming

  • I bought a safety razor ( yes, a razor blade on a metal cylinder ) that I’ve been trying out. I had my maiden run today and didn’t come out butchered up in the least. It is a rather close shave.

That’s a lot of what’s going on in one unordered list. I’ve also got some crazy stuff going around the household surrounding cleaning up, getting things filed away, and some new, fun purchases (more coming later?).