( - 40 1 ) days


Yesterday I went to YogaYoga.

If you look back through my historical posts you’ll realize that for quite a while I was a regular attendee of an Iyengar class in Mountain View. At the time I wasn’t working as well as I am now, I wasn’t learning as much as I am now, and I certainly wasn’t in an excellent relationship.

To this end, it was easy to appear twice weekly at yoga and go to the gym thrice a week.

But as those aforementioned aspects improved, my energy / time for attending yoga simply seems to have dried up. To wit, I’m in pretty poor shape.

Having moved out of the Bay and having some time available, I decided to get back into yoga. It was a good activity that had many, many benefits. So, yesterday was my first day and I took a class in Kundalini yoga.

It was definitely different from the Iyengar-style class I was taking in Mountain View, but I can’t say that my muscles aren’t sore today.

I’m also doing an early-in, early-out work shift since I moved. So, I leave work around 4:15, head to the studio, do my class, hang out and dodge traffic, and then head home.

I’m a bit loath to type this because I dread the “Oh crap, I blew it” confession I would have to make, but I’ve committed to 40 days of daily yoga. Whew. I’m hoping to uncoil my bound up hamstrings and get some strength in my back.

I’m a bit daunted by the idea of doing something physical for 40 days in a row. What if i want to lay around and eat donuts? I guess this decision means that I have to choose between a comforter and a bear claw and uttitha parsvakonasasna. It’s sorta sad and embarassing that I’m intimidated by the idea of sweating for 70 minutes a day.

So, the first step has been, uh, stepped. Today I’m taking a Hatha Style class. Hatha is more physical and stretchy. I’ll be pancake batter tonight.