Monday I took my first class in Flamenco guitar. I went with my friend The Army Guy to Starving Musician in Santa Clara and picked up a cheap classical six-string ($50.00 - what a deal).

I went to the class and was pleased to see that the few things I remember about guitar technique and theory were really helpful. My teacher set me off with some challenges and I will work on it this week.

I was really inspired to try to get back into this based on this brilliant flamenco show my sister and I saw in Madrid. It was great. It was in the middle of some hard to find alleyway (as is just about everything worth seeing in Spain). You walk into a restaurant and you’re like ‘uhhh’ but then you see this curtain at the back. Through the curtain, it feels very sorta secret society secret meetup-ish, you find dozens of chairs crammed together. They serve you sangria and out come the musicians. The musicians come to the stage and start to play, soon there are dancers and more music. It was a great show.

While I don’t expect to find myself performing at a show in the near future, I would definitely like to pick up some new skills.