Last Friday...


I went shooting with some of my friends. We headed on over to the range in Milpitas and fired some find weapons. The progeny of Ol’ Monkeyface proved to have inherited his progenitor’s taste for fine weaponry.

I took out the Desert Eagle 9mm first. After trying out my friend’s Ruger 9mm I definitely preferred it to the DE. I went in and swapped my DE for the Sig-Sauer 232 .380 cal which both I and Mice were really fond of. The 232 has a really smooth trigger and I like the fact that there’s no slide-release.

I have to be honest though, I’m not much of a shot. I should really take some classes or something.

To be honest though, as I confided in The Army Guy:

Steven: You know, I don’t care if I hit anything. I just like shooting guns. I mean, if i actually hit something, it’s just bonus.

TAG: (puts arm around shoulder) I know, I know.

Cracked me up. The range had a sale on the Sig that i fired, they had a used one. Maybe when I get back from vacation….

Anyway, after that I had to book over to Mountain View to go to yoga.

Firearms and yoga? Yes, it’s a bit of a duality thing [ “You know, the Jungian thing.” - Pvt. Joker, Full Metal Jacket ]

This concept is explored in an interesting fashion over at everything2 in this node entry.