YOU are a LUCKY Person



  • James Dedman loves you! Or if he proofreads your work he might suggest you use the word “gasconade”
  • Someone wrote The Tragedy of Marioland
  • The Pixies were once, and might be once again
  • You are not a woodcrafts project, and if you are you are not one of my woodcrafts projects
  • Catatonia once were, Cerys still is, and why I still can’t forget this band is a mystery you are free to figure out
  • The Cardigans released “Gran Turismo” and it still should be able to make you believe all Swedes are Ingmar Bergman clones
  • The guys that wrote Kazaa are going to destroy telecom as we know it and nothing can stop them
  • La Mer - You know, over the sea, but in French
  • Your perfect soulmate is out there somewhere