Yoga Class Number 3...


And my upper back muscles are spasming left and right.

I think it’s a good sign, too much tension and knotting up in those computer-guy shoulders. I have a chronically tight and irritating left shoulder, i think that muscle has even given into my instructor’s lumbar workout.

I’ve really been needing the class all day. I’ve just been so distracted at work for the last couple days – I think this will help get my focus in gear. I’m also planning on making myself go in early (like i used to when commuting) – somehow too much sun in the morning is ruining my focus.

I think there is also something about the travel to Sydney jacking up my circadian cycles, it was getting darker darker (winter approaching) then BANG full-blast summer, come back BANG full blast winter, then this week BANG freakishly spring-like weather. I think my pineal gland’s internal regulators are torturing me.

Soon though, I will be back in Europe where I noticed my city on the Dam is varying between -1 and 4 degrees Celsius. It will be fun picking her up at Schipol and taking her to my favorite Indonesian haunts off of the Leidseplein.

I’m yoga-tired, time for bed (yes it is only 9:30).