The Social Bobcat is one of the funniest humans ever


My friend The Social Bobcat is one of the funniest people ever to tread this earth. I have known him since 9th grade where we suffered the slings and verbal arrows of William Maxy’s American History (Reconstruction to Modern) class. A recent sample from IM (red is me, white is TSB, edited for clarity):

ME: whaddaya make of the s. koreans cloning human embryo?  i can't wait for [Bush's
and the ] religious right's backwards stance on this to make sure that the US
pharmacological sector falls apart.

HIM: the beginning of the end is nigh  the problem with the extreme religious right
is the whole system of beliefs being  able to be passed on and instilled in
future generations. we can only hope on mtv's corrupting influence to combat it

ME: More "[Milkshake](", less Jesus.

HIM: Jesus' power to consistently bring all the boys to the
[yard]( has been