And yet again, Ms. Stefani


Today as I was getting ready for class I heard Gwen Stefani’s “The Sweet Escape”, a synth-y, 80’s reminiscent sugary sweet song that is absolutely indelible once it hits your brain.

And then I remembered today is Valentine’s Day.

And then I remembered that, like it or no, the solo music of La Gwen seems to be the soundtrack of my life with my wonderful, funny, smart and beautiful, Valentine (who, like Mrs. Rossdale, is a product of the sunny county along “the” 405).

And so, to you, my Valentine, whom I shan’t see today, here’s a bit of a song by the artist that we seem to have unwittingly been meant to use as backing music for our life together.

If I could escape And re-create a place as my own world And I could be your favorite girl Forever, perfectly together Tell me boy, now wouldn’t that be sweet?