Happy Valentine’s Day, early


Last night Lauren and I celebrated Valentine’s Day ( cue the OutKast, Mice ) by going to the hometown favorite Romeo’s for an excellent (her) Pasta Florentine and (me) Pasta Arrabbiatta ( in retrospect, that might not have been such a keen idea the day bofre a flight ).

Actually, I had planned on taking us to Vespaio. Regrettably the line was 2.5 hours and they were only going to be open 2 more hours. It was a lot of wait for Italian food that, admittedly, is quite good, but not worth that long of a wait.

We turned back to Barton Springs road and stopped by the “most romantic restaurant in town:” Romeo’s.

And we were not disappointed at all. The food was excellent, the wait 15 minutes ( which was filled by a great G&T; and a Rum and Coke ), an owner stopped to talk with us, and we finished off dinner with a “Messy Sundae”.

All said, it was an excellent dinner, Lauren looked staggeringly beautiful, and we had a great night.