What’s new in the world..

Well everyone I know is asking me what I think about my new Governor-elect, Schwarzenegger. Here are my thoughts:

  • Too many characters to type to bitch about easily. Contrast: “That doofus Bush!” versus “That doofus Schwarzenegger”

  • Another CEO president. Ugh.

  • As I said on friendster: California uber alles

Seriously though, as I know pretty much nothing about what the guy stands for, I can’t really say. It’s just wait and see.

In other news: I got my car maintained today… I tried a McGriddle for the first time (more in the read more section)

I also have some great new music picks!

  1. Black Eyed Peas : Elephunk - This is great hip hop, I always liked Taboo’s rhymes. I think the addition of the singer “Fergie” to the lineup has really rounded out their sound. Her vocal accentations are the highlights in the hairdo, the extra arms on vishnu, they put the spring in the BEP (apologies to The Simpsons)

  2. Black Rebel Motorcycle Club: Take Them on Your own More of the 50s sensibility revival like The Raveonettes but a bit more Detroit-raw-rock like the MC5 or The White Stripes

  3. Emmylou Harris: Stumble Into Grace I have a weakness for melancholic, lilty, singers (Lucinda Williams). Emmylou’s writing continues to grow more introspective and ethereal as she continues to evolve. The cover picture of her is great too. Somehow the picture and the songs remind me of a zen parable I read about sand on a mirror where at the end you realize the mirror isn’t there. If that zen parable doesn’t exist, it ought.

  4. Nappy Roots: Wooden Leather: More hip-hop. Definitely with a southern edge, biscuits, gravy, and groove. Right on.

  5. White Stripes: De Stijl and White Stripes: Jack and Meg, God bless you. I wish they’d record the Weevil Song though…just lookin’ for a home

The truth about McGriddle:

Calories                450
Total Fat               23g
Saturated Fat   8g
Cholesterol             240mg
Sodium          1270mg
Carbohydrates   43g

Steak Dinner
Garlic Mashed Potato
Calories                381
Fat                     12g
Cholesterol             6.1mg
Sodium          78mg
Carbohydrate    12g

Also, the amount of sodium in the Mcgriddle is 50% of your total daily
allowance, and the cholesterol is a whopping 80% of your total daily.

Yikes! I’ll be having the salade at Chez Maman tonight (uhm, I wound up having a crepe complete).