Just watched "Pacific Heights"


This is a movie from the early 90s that shows the peril of SF real estate!

Glad to see that everyone’s been over-mortgaging themselves in SF at least since the late eighties.

It was funny because everytime they showed the house (in Potrero Hill) I could recognize the area. Then when they wanted the real PacHeights feel they would film the cross streets of Pacific Heights, and then cut back to vista shots from Potrero. Oddly most SF movies are set out in the P-hill district – I guess that the Richmond and Sunset districts are a little too blasé.

In any case, Michael Keaton is scary as a psychopath. Really scary. I think it’s this meditative and studied streak that made him the best Batman.

Lessons Learned:

Don’t overmortgage youself, Mystic-tanned Suze Orman has some really good advice on the matter.

I would say that between the psychopath (Keaton) and the financial advisor to the stars (Orman) I’ll be renting for a while yet. Sigh.

This was the first in a string of “SF-themed” movies I have gotten from Netflix. Next up is “Dirty Harry”. Feelin’ lucky? Are ya, punk?