Austin Ruby Group Advertising


In March of this year I started the group for the Ruby programming language. I wanted to meet some other people who were interested in exploring this elegant and rich system for the expression of thought.

Wisely, one of our members suggested that we work together on a learning project. Our project of choice was resolved last meeting and it is a ‘text-based adventure game engine’. The generic requirement is that by creating a scenario file ( i.e. the rooms, the contents of the room, etc. ) you can feed that file to the engine and it will give you a text-based adventure story along the lines of Zork or Leather Goddesses of Phobos.

I was so inspired by the discussion we had around this last week, that I wrote a basic set of classes for the construction and population of the universe. Our working model is that everyone will attempt the assignment and then at the next meeting we will compare approaches, decide on which model works, and then collapse those “winning” implementations into our main code branch.