I don’t know a whole lot about programming, but I do know something about If you find a guy who is carrying a Moleskine notebook, a powerbook, and insists on writing in Ruby, you have the kind of programmer that will help you do something great.

Ruby seems to be the new hot language. Looking at the front page of lately I’ve seen more and more bookmarks to it hitting. I’ve not seen a whole ton about it in the industry press (yet) but I firmly believe that it is the next thing.

Discarding Perl would be implicit in that declaration. This is certainly anathema within the communities within which I work, but I think that many of the Perl-inclined are thinking that version 6 is going to mess up the Perl they liked and are ramping up on Ruby in case things don’t go to their liking.

If you have an active Ruby community at your workplace breathe a sigh of relief, if not, you may want to ask, what’s wrong here?