Big Nerd Ranch: RoR Camp: Day 3: Evening: "The Grinder"


Hi all,

After the lengthy tour of duty yesterday, I’m back in for another lengthy day. I think that Wednesday is really the grinder day.

First, you’ve been lectured to for the last 3 days. There are very few minds that can take 8hr. / day lectures without feeling a bit tapioca-ish on the 24th hour.

Secondly, you’re listening and then working very hard on something that you just were introduced to. You have these head bashing against a wall sessions and then, suddenly, you’re set free ( because you’re doing something that’s old hat, something you learned, say, that morning ) and then you hit the wall with all that built-up acceleration. It takes a certain mental flexibility.

Third, the sugar, the munchies, the food, etc. By this time it’s all having some funky effects on your body.

Homesickness becomes a bit of a factor. You remember how good your bed is, how nice it is to be among your things and your life.

Now, about the work. You see, you can slide on day 1. You learn the material, you review it, you’re probably OK. DON’T BE FOOLED this is your one and only chance to get ahead of the abbatoir days 2 and 3.

Then comes day 2. If you want to keep ahead you’ll be working late on day 2, maybe even thinking that you’re going to catch a break on day 3. But no, my friends, day 3 is the grinder. Day 3 says “OK, you’re determined, but how determined are you?” You’re bleary from day 2, the cokes, the mountain of water bottles, can you do another 18-hour run at things?

At day 4 you’re going to be exhausted. You’re going to reach your limit. You start to feel like your treading water capability is turning into negative progress. Unless you’ve stayed up on the exercises and mentally integrated the concept and become with the ‘way things are done in this language’, you’re going to feel a bit behind.

Fortunately day 5 is the wind-up day. There’s a sense of graduation and possibility. If you can integrate the first 3 days quickly you’re going to be in a good position to re-discover the last two days quickly. I think that may be the optimal take-away from a class like this.