Day 1 of Intro training has come and gone...


I know a bit more about internetworking than I did a day ago.

I’m pretty tired, I couldn’t sleep very well last night.

I decided to re-christen the Flash Card application “Memory Bank” and I got a cool icon for it done like HAL’s Eye from 2001. I got the idea because the instructor was talking about pluggable modules for large-scale network switches. These are essentially memory or task plug ins. This got me thinking about that scene where Bowman goes into HAL’s brain room and starts unplugging his memory banks. They were holographic cubes that looked like three-dimensional note-cards.

Note cards! I wrote aprogram with notecards! He was in HAL’s memory banks. My app helps you bank things you need to know in note cards, it’s an ectopic memory bank….yes, it should be called memory bank.

So I renamed the tool (which was made much easier by an externally programmed tool called RenameXCodeProject : why Apple doesn’t include this in XCode I have no idea.