Closer to Fine, not Curly Fine


Last night I got my AirPort Express working with my Linksys WRT54G as a streaming client for AirTunes.

What does that mean.

From my WiFi link i can stream my mp3s into my stereo in the living room - without wires.

This is Unbelievably Cool ™. As my sister said today when I spoke with her “…[you] have a lot of toys.” Amen.

King Cocadom is continuing and progressing nicely. I am still trying to figure out why I am getting this stupid warning:

‘CLASS’, may not respond to SELECTOR

My sense of design aesthetics won’t let me simply ignore this irritating warning - I mean the thing compiles fine, but still I get this warning. Actually, I get about 24 of the same warning. Cocoa earns ire and adoration in equal measure.

(I figured this out, i wasn’t #importing a dependent .h file)

It’s just me, AirTunes, and Lucinda on the 5.1 setup.