Long week...Low Key Friday


It was a long week. I was on-call and things were really quite busy in the after hours realm. The rest of it would be a bunch of boring IT guy stuff, so I’ll not go into detail.

I spent the evening yesterday visiting my friend Roahn and his family in Alameda, CA. I rarely cross over to the East Bay, but I thought it would be a good opportunity to see a bit of the Oakland area.

Alameda is very nice. Roahn, his wife, and their daughter live on a small island (you have to cross 2, count it 2 drawbridges to get there) amongst a very idyllic neighborhood with tree-lined streets and quaint homes. Not a bad place in the least.

We had many lively discussions, two of which I think I would like to explore at a later date.

  1. How does DNA coding for protiens code for behavior, and why won’t genetic researchers give us a coherent account of how that happens? Or, is their silence a sign that they simply do not know?

  2. How can a ghetto persist in light of incredible housing pressures to gentrify the area? Given that houses are 500K in CA, why wouldn’t a particlarly well-heeled person buy 2 smaller ‘hood lots and then buy / combine them inte larger? EVEN COUNTING the whole ’nobody wants to live here’ cost pressures alone should make it happen…