Lite on the blog-activity lately…

It was a pretty crazy week last week and I’m just now getting back home.

Last Wednesday I gave a presentation to some of the higher-ups and I was kinda nervous about it. I’m a pretty gregarious cat, when not letting the introverted daemon run loose, and I definitely have no problem speaking in public - it’s just that this project is a Good Thing and Should Be Done — in other words, precisely the sort of thing that tends to be in mortal jeopardy unless the need is properly communicated.

The feedback was positive and that was great.

I headed out after work and caught the exhibits at MacWorld (so many cool brushed metal and iPodd-y things!) and then headed to the 43Folders meetup in SoMa. It was great being back in the city (and with easy parking). I had a chance to meet some other SF 43Fers and got to show off some gear and talk some workflow-zen.

Thursday I got a surprise email that I needed to attend a meeting about Sarbanes-Oxley documentation so before I could get dressed and head into the office I fired up the network socket and started watching the webinar. That evening I headed to SJC and took a flight to Austin.

Austin was c-c-cold but Taco Cabana and the Counselera definitely made things a-OK.

The Counselera is a girl that I knew waayyyyyy back in the day when I was at at The University - we’ve stayed in contact a long time. Friday we went to our respective work and then launched into a fun weekend that included trips to 6th street, pizza at Rounder’s, seeing “Sideways” and cough “White Noise”. Many discussions and a lot of fun.

On Sunday myself, the future Mr. and Mrs. Bobcats, the Counselera, and my sister all got together at Manuel’s North and had a fine dinner.

My sister enters the workforce today - now she learns what all thet edjumucation and straight As-in gets you (besides 401k and health care): work!

‘Twas a good trip.