I can surf


I’ve been loath to say those three words for a while, but yesterday I went out and I hopped up on most every wave that came in, rode it into a good depth and then leapt off the board. Here’s thanking the guys and girls over at Let’s Go Surfing.

Now I can’t claim that my showing was flashy or riddled with deft snaps (hey, it’s a longboard fergoodnesssakes) and that I was on a longboard … but if someone asked me “Hey can you do that” I could say “Yes, a bit.”

….and I’m happy with that.

During the afternoon surf I met some nice folks named Marcello and Kris. After the surf we stopped by Speedo’s Cafe cafe next door and had a few bers. She then invited me over to her place in North Bondi to hang about, drink some Victoria Bitter (VB) and listen to (New Zealand) band Crowded House.

Around seven we headed down to the Bondi Icebergs club for trivia night. The Icebergs is a rather famous bar / athletic club on the southern tip of Bondi Beach that boasts a swimming pool filled with the seawater. It’s also where the Australian celebrities congregate and get their pictures taken when in the area.

Good luck shone upon ups as my team won the Trivia Night! Muhahahha! So here’s props to: Steve, Rob, Rob’s Mrs. Maeve (OK, I have no idea how to spell her name), Mo-Nikki (er, Monique), Kris, and Marcello.

And the nectar of victory - 5 dollar tokens for use in the bar - not bad!

The best part now is that I can head down to SoCal and go for a surf with my friend Jenn and not have to worry about her clowning me too hard ;).

In other news, a guy I worked with on some testing back a year or so ago, Chris Toshok, found his apartment in SF raided as his roommate appears to be implicated in the theft of Half-Life 2 source code. Half Life was one of the best video games ever, right up there with Monkey Island - so I can understand wanting to get a playable copy with a quickness but……

shonky: Australian term meaning “shady”, “suspect”, definitely pejorative..