Merry Christmas from Down Under to All


Just wanted to wish everyone out there a happy holiday and hope that you’re spending it in a way that you find fun, relaxing, and rewarding.

As for myself, I spent Christmas Eve Day surfing at Bondi (or at least valiantly g etting thrashed about in the waves) - tiny little bits of improvement are all I see but that’s OK with me. I really enjoyed the day out there.

And guess what, whilst there I ran into none other than SANTA. Santa said that because I had been such a good boy this year i deserved a sweet wetsuit.

After my run in with St. Nick i headed back down the parade to the pavillion and rinsed off and grabbed a corn on a cob on a stick. Man, those things taste the same everywhere the world over: good.

From there I grabbed a chicken wrap and started the journey back home.