A weekly dispatch...


Well here we are again on Saturday, the Christmas spirit is, quite aclimatically, rather warm, and the white Christmas shall surely be a white sandy beach.

So, what has your humble narrator been up to? Well nothing of any great import I should say. This week was very busy at work as I tried to take care of as much business as possible so that everyone could have a stress-free holiday.

I’m sitting now in the very comfortable and very well lit “Gallery” here in the Sheraton. The obligatory classical music on guitar plays in the background and only occasionally manages to disturb the natural ebb and flow of those conversing at the tables around me.

I got up this morning and headed back down to Pho Pasteur where I had a large bowl and then headed back to Paddy’s marked for a back, shoulder, and neck massage from the people who have a booth there.

Last night was quite a lot of fun. After work a large group of my co-workers and I headed off to the pub across the way for a few drinks and then we headed down to The Rocks (a district) where we hit some of the larger pubs in that area.

It was wellnigh about midnight when I managed to, given that I had begun that adventure on an empty stomach, reach my limit. I was also tired from the early-ass conference calls back to the US I make on Friday morning. The traffic was packed so i hopped a bus and it (luckily) took me in the right direction.

Starved, I swung into the Mackers and had the entirely underrated experience of sitting in a gigantic bed with fresh sheets watching the late news and inrhaling a quarter pounder and fries.

I was a bit chagrinned that this morning there was nothing but a gray overcast sky - I had my heart set on going to the beach. There is always tomorrow though….

Monday afternoon I am going surfing.