Attending the Web 2.0 Conference, Boston MA


Hello to anyone and everyone out there.

If, by some chance, you took a look at my ridiculous looking name-badge and decided to punch my name into Google and wound up here, hi, how are you.

Day 1

My morning sesion was excellent. Michael Sampson lead a session on what the skillset for a manager in a post-2.0 world would look like. The session was very exciting. Michael did an expert job of delivering slides that framed break-out mini-sessions among attendees. I very much enjoyed this meet-up. Michael seems to have enjoyed giving the presentation as well.

Thanks to all my fellow break-out group friends.

The afternoon session was a discussion of flexible “presence” technology. Maybe this seems old-hat to be because I’m a Cisco employee ( not trying to shill here ) but the notion of presence and follow me seems less-than-revloutionary.

Yesterday afternoon I took a bit of a drive and bought a new MacBook Pro 15”. The question was do i go glossy or matte. I went matte. I’ve hemmed and hawwed and simply, I just can’t get to liking the glassy. I know the colors are bright and if I looked at a lot of photos or watched DVDs all the time, I think I’d like it…but…I don’t know, I just can’t get around the reflections.