SXSW2007: Why XSLT is sexy



  • Lindsey Simon
  • Joe Orr

Lindsey Simon


Background Idea

Browsers download markup / designed to take tag soup; you don’t have to make it formatted properly. SGML parsers are loose, XML parsers get valid dated in. XML parsers can produce a DOM 3-10x faster.

Why XSLT should be part of you toolkit

  • Unlike CSS you can add new elements or rearrange
  • Easy to learn and program, if you take a functional and not a procedural approach.
  • Fast processor is built into major browsers (IE, FF, Opera, not Safari)
  • XML isn’t going away. The new tech of the semantic web. XSLT is the easiest way to convert the one to the other.

Joe Orr

When writing XSLT style, you need to think functionally, not procedurally.