Pieces of SXSW: I am a target market ( no pun intended )


I realize this is coming some 2 months late from the event, nevertheless, in Google, every moment of history is now, so putting these words to bits late is no crime

Buddha T-Shirt popular at SXSW

During SXSW I saw this shirt everywhere.

Congratulations Target, with this particular item you hit your target demographic square in the chest.

You hit the:

Post-religious, but spiritual ( Buddha ), educated ( correlate to earning power and choices elsewhere in this summation ), making enough money to have disposable income but not so much that they’d be snobby about actually buying clothes at Target, working in the tech industry, Mac-inclined, likely to have relaxed workplace clothing strictures, buys pre-faded so that machine-wash isn’t a hassle male between 21 and 35.

Madison avenue I am your lapdog.