Tuesday night in Boston


Tuesday night was a lot of fun in Boston. After doing the full conference raft of activities we retired back to our respective rooms for some decompression and rest.

Around 6 we headed into the borderlands to Chinatown and enjoyed a steak dinner at Smith and Wollensky. I enjoyed a bowl of their “world famous” split-pea soup and, quite possibly, the best steak I have ever had.

It was a bone-in ribeye that just knocked my socks off. I was cutting it very thinly and making my own carpaccio style cuts. It was delicious.

The restaurant was in an old armory building near Chinatown that was decorated in a very nice early-teens, Teddy Roosvelt, 48 stars kind of way.

Afterwards I returned to the hotel and had a few drinks with fellow attendees from Genentech. We’re actually in a similar space insofar as we both work in IT departments for companies whose multi-million dollar investment, per annum, results in, well, bits: 1 and 0s or one of four nucleotides ( in their case ).