I am ready for the popcorn


I don’t think I can hold it back any longer. I am, on the par with finding out that Santa and the Easter Bunny are coming to dinner and they’re bringing me a pony ridden by the Tooth Fairy, so excite about the popcorn movies coming out.

First, at long last, the amazing, poised, and sensible Jennifer Lawrence is going to bring the fierce Katniss Everdeen to the screen in “The Hunger Games.” I loved this series, I loved the character, I loved the story, I even loved the conclusion. I cannot say how great a series I think THG is for teens. It looks like they’ve gotten the direction right on this one.

Profile of Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss

Aaaaaand… while I loved Iron Man I/II and even liked some of the sillier moments of “Thor” (although I liked all the moments Kat Dennings was on screen), I skipped “Captain America” without much of a thought. But…

I am so excite for “The Avengers.”*

It even appears that they may have found a formulation of The Hulk (eschewing the overwrought Ang Lee vision and the other one) that captures Bruce Banner’s conflict and gives it a dash of, dare I say, humor. I’m not expecting “Apocalypse Now,” but…LOOK AT THIS TRAILER**

For the first time since maybe The Matrix II (lament!), I am so excite for (pre-?) summer movie season.

* For super-nerd cred it’s so refreshing to see Thor using Mjollnir with abandon!
** Yes, the trailer has completely telegraphed the morality lesson of the movie: until the heroes learn to quell their egoes and fight as a team, they cannot win; incidentally this is also the thing that a greasy-haired bad guy is not able to do, since he commands out of fear instead of valor, etc.