Mobile Upload: Trump Earns My Distrust

in Ex-Facebook

Once, on Facebook I wrote:

Train wreck president

Train wreck president

After the election I said I’d at least give the man a chance (whether warranted or no). Based on my granting a clean slate, apropos of no-one else and no-thing else, President-Elect Trump is currently showing a dangerous willingness to lie or knowingly promulgate falsehoods.

The attached tweet is factually false. Entirely, provably, knowably false.

It doesn’t even make common sense! Think about it, as you open Facebook in a browser, your browser has to ASK Facebook for the content, Facebook has to know to whom the content should be routed. Do you suppose that there’s no possible record of that conversation such that you have to be “caught in the act.”

If there was no way to use computer forensic data why do our special ops teams, after raiding al-Qaeda safe-houses bag the LAPTOPS as well? They can use those machine details to track network activity.

It’s just the way that TCP/IP (AKA how machines on the internet talk to each other) works. Superior hackers will work damn hard to cover their tracks, but our clandestine services have been able to glean shockingly accurate location and even computer model data from network transactions see: hunt for Osama bin Laden, tracing the Stuxnet virus.

This either means:

  1. The president-elect knows this statement to be false and doesn’t care in which case he’s selling a big lie, I suppose, to see how much of a lie he can peddle before someone calls him on it.

  2. The president-elect doesn’t know this statement is false and he’s cavalierly spouting factual errors as if they are facts.

Regardless for whom your vote wast cast, our President-Elect needs to have a better grasp on what is fact if he’s going to use his bully pulpit to push lies into having the appearance of truth.