Trump Does Not Prepare for the Future: He Nurses Grievance

in Ex-Facebook

Once, on Facebook I wrote:

I said, I couldn’t believe the Trump-for-jobs voters thought this wouldn’t stop after electing him. But this is roughly my model for reality and the future. Fuck, it’s not just going to be White Men who need to face the music that their “right” to a comfortable life is gone. The Human Race is on notice. We can either live with this disquilibrium in wealth distribution with revolution, taxation (secular or religious), or warfare. Every society has dealt with such inequality by one of those few means /only/.

Key Quote: “…globalization takes shape in three distinct stages: the ability to move goods, then ideas, and finally people.”

So, you see. If the ability to move the tool-and-die factory to China exists and the knowledge on how to move it has been encoded in software (or reams of binders translated into Mandarin, or invested in a migration team that’s moved to Guangzhou for 8 quarter), the only way to capture the value is /for the people to move too/. But they don’t. They want to live in the Rust Belt near their family. In short, the story we see in China where the eager move to the jobs, we don’t see in the US. We think that we can stand in the outfield and the pop fly will come to us. We have to stop thinking we have a right to comfort and familiarity.”

In 1873 my great-great grandfather decided that slinging suds in Bremen didn’t have the opportunity of slinging suds in far-off Eastern District, NY. Americans, we gotta get mobile again /or/ invent the future where we are. Coal is not the way forward.