Trump Leads Backward

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Once, on Facebook I wrote:

Sunset over America: it’s time for the next superpower

Part of the reason I never thought the Rust Belt would take Trump seriously is because of the factors in this article. He can say what he likes but the economics don’t match the reality he promises. The Midwestern hope is COAL? Are you kidding me? Is the future of medicine leeches? This is a “who moved my cheese” moment, we need to scamper and scurry for solutions -not- romanticize past economic performance.

Autonomous vehicles, drone repair, more of that. To say this workforce can’t do those jobs is disrespectful and only requires some training centers. Subsidize that infrastructure! We get better at coal while China gets better at delivering the future’s desired infra. Pop quiz: which of these demand lines has a future? Which was a part of TEDDY ROOSEVELT’S agenda like…a Panama Canal or Riding a horse into Cuba?

And think you can talk terms to China? Yeah right. Consider what a PCB sell off would do. Galling.