Things I miss: Englishmen in Suits singing, with saxophones

I’m back in Mountain View ( more on that later ) and at the Tapioca Express on Villa and they’re playing “Captain of Her Heart”.

I loved those smooth-singing Englishmen of yesterdecades:

  • Spandau Ballet ( “True” )
  • When In Rome ( “The Promise “)
  • Orchestral Manoeuvers in the Dark ( “If You Leave” )
  • Double ( “Captain of Her Heart” )

I think that idea is just about due for recycling into the current time. If Interpol mark the return of Joy Division, I should think my request is about 2 years from being granted.


The keen-eyed Social Bobcat spotted my misattribution like a ground-squirrel for supper in his native mountainous terrain. OMD sang “If you Leave”.