Melbotis speaks


Here is The League’s official mail:

Well, gee, it?s any and all of these factors, isn?t it?

The physical aspect is important to meet someone, but nobody is pretty forever. Hopefully, one day, you?ll just be able to feel lucky that this person you care about happens to be pretty. Use it as a tool for meeting somebody, but be certain, people get sick, people get hungover, people get bad haircuts. And what makes you think you?re going to stay all that beautiful, anyway?

You can tell a single guy because he?s concerned about her getting her nails done or him watching football. Sitcom marriage pratfalls.

Sure, all the stuff like Aesthetics, etc? fall in there, but keep in mind, you can?t change somebody. bear that in mind when you’re dating. If you walk into your date?s apartment and it?s filled with baseball bobbleheads as far as the eye can see, you?re either going to have to learn to love bobbleheads or you?re going to get out.

The family thing is important. And, my honest opinion, if you don?t like the other person?s family? How do you know your significant other isn?t going to turn into all of their family’s worst characteristics in five years? Either move far away and take your chances, or get out while the getting is good.

One day, either you?re going to decide to throw in together (through marriage or whatever) or else you?re going to split up. For a good chunk of the populace, that?s how it works. So? before you decide to get married so your parents will pay for a honeymoon in Hawaii, take a deep breath.

When push comes to shove, what are you going to be willing to give up? Or, even more importantly, what are you going to do that you never thought you’d do to make sure your significant other is taken care of? If she needs to move to Minnesota to take care of her mother, are you going to stay behind because your garage band might make it? What if s/he feels that they need to try on a new career? Can you give up your shared income while they give up work to go back to school?

Add in another person and life gets messy really quickly. That?s the team work aspect. Hopefully what they?ve done on the intellectual and spiritual front to be compatible up until then will make you glad to be a part of any or all of it.

Keep in mind: it?s not that many steps from dinner and a movie to having to be the one responsible for cleaning someone else?s bedpan. And what are you going to do so that the other person doesn?t think it?s that big of a deal to change your bedpan?