Why don’t Americans use A4 paper


I am a total office products snob. More on each and every one of these later.

One of the best office products that I got to use while living in Europe when reading formal drafts was the A4 paper standard.

I love the A4 size. I like longer folders versus thicker binders. With A4 it feels like you have a proper expanse upon which to write notes and margins. On A4 you feel like your thought exists in a bigger world versus the parochial US “Letter” standard.

Dagggh. It’ like the envy i have for people converting liters to kiloleters simply by adding zeroes versus my addled multiplications af 4s and 6s to get to something comprable in the antiquated Imperial system.

Go metric Go ISO216 paper standards

This may be yet another hipsterism for James Dedman to harvest.

If anyone can answer the question - why Americans shun A4 - I would be thankful.