A blasé entry


It’s 1035 and i’m exhausted.

I stayed up late sunday night cleaning house, getting the laundry done (bed, bath, ktichen, and hall all look great).

I’m trying to make a dint in all my projects (they are the things that clutter my living room) - hard drives, filing, assembling movies, notes for a CCNA exam, my fat 60GB iPod/Photo…

But tonight I am too tired.

I went to the gym after a 6 hour class on Report design for Microsoft applications. It’s interesting, the technology has changed little since a decade ago, it feels like the drop down plug and chug of the MS-access days.

Although there have been a few UI improvements.


Tomorrow is the last day of training, then a day of work and then off to Northern CA (more north than the bay) for Thanksgiving with my relatives there. It should be fun, we will eat, talk, bemoan the Jesuslanding of the US, drink wine, eat grapes and cheese, and maybe go to the Mendocino shores.

But right now.

Thanks to that glass of Syrah.