Hawaii on my mind..."Hawaii" too...


I’m leaving in a little bit under 48 hours….so I decided I would watch the NBC action drama “Hawaii” to get in the spirit.

Good post-racial cast African-American, Japanese-Hawaiian, Vietnamese-named half-Caucasian half-something females, a Samoan gentleman…

Hackers in Paradise Glad to see the presence of APPLE APPLE APPLE: The hacker-cops (more on them later) were using the new flat-panel Apple monitors (was that a CGI blurred out Mac OSX dock I didn’t see at the bottom of the screen?) and the toy of our decade, the iPod, had a cameo…

But here’s the real question, hackers in tropical paradise? Are we supposed to believe that people would voluntarily live in Hawaii who have the genetic inclination to live in perma-semi-dark with gentle red lighting with code? You can’t achieve proper hacker pallor in the aloha sun.

Equality for the Hackers? It’s sorta funny, I found a few web sites complaining that the female cop was playing the “worry about the boys back at the office” and that the Samoan guy was portrayed to stereotype – but what about the poor code-monkey contingent of the force? When will justice for the informatically inclined be found?

Very Cliché plot: A last minute save of a noble cop, a collaborative bonhomie between cops and a fence, “don’t be a hero” speech. So…. I guess I won’t be watching the show after that.

On the up side – 2 hours of law and order now!