Blog backload…and the couple Newsom

I’ve been travelling, having visitors, and attending to something else….

The issue that comes to mind in my first moment to sit down is.

Is that Kimberly Guilfoyle-Newsom, assistant DA and wife unto mayor of San Francisco Gavin (Flat-Top) Newsom offering her advice and perspective on the R. Kelly case on MTV?!!?

Actually seeing the Mrs. K G-N (I never went in for this hyphenation gig, the aesthetics are all wrong) on MTV is not so strange - she’s occasionally popped up on Fox News. Nonetheless, I thought she was trying to leverage her career and marriage to becoming a telepundit, not an MTV personality.

Come to think of it, on the first proofread, I’m more inclined to say:

What the hell is MTV doing giving a legal wrap up on R. Kelly’s legal issues?

Anyway, many San Franciscans enjoy the sport of speculating about the Lady Macbeth-like machinations of KG-N.

  • KG-N wanting to become media.famous, resting incontentedly upon the prestige of being married to a mere supervisor, drove Gavin to pursue a mayoral career.

  • Incontent with his merely being the mayor of the Crowned Gem of the Pacific she drove him into the national limelight, making him make the stance on gay marriage that would get him on all the news networks.

  • etc…

Now she cavorts with SWAY and JOHN NORRIS on MTV in her frilly sweaters and full lips..becoming the Britney Spears of the law world!