"Go"-ing crazy, courtesy of the Social Bobcat


As you may have guessed, the use of “go” in the headline here refers not to an idiomatic expression indicating loss of mental stability, but is a not so clever play on words referring to the ancient Asian game of “go”. The SB bought me a “Go” set and I have found myself fascinated by its symmetry, it’s strategy, its beautiful aesthetic as well as how completely poor a player I am.

I mean, it’s not that I’m just bad, I’m terrible.

The instructions left too much to be desired and I’ve been brushing up with online tutorials. I decided last night, during a bout of insomnia, that my best bet was to play some Yahoo! Go against humans. I found myself getting schooled by a very nice high schooler in Beijing who also explained to me that he believes the Chinese were going to revolutionize the world with knowledge and that he studies 24/7.

I for one welcome our new Synic overlords.

Update: I neglected to add in another paragraph that my girlfriend when we played a quick match on a 9x9 grid also beat the snot out of me. Things are looking bad for my deep Asian insights into the nature of strategic battle.

I mentioned that I thought the PRC was going to have a heck of a time revolutionizing the world without free press, labor unions, or the ability to report that soldiers on the Tibetan frontier were using traveling pilgrims for target practice. I didn’t want to get the guy thrown in the gulag though.