No, there will be no goth poetry in this post.

After watching Reform School Girls you’d have to be an un-curious person to not want to go and find out more about the life and times of Wendy O(rlean) Williams.

This lady was absolutely fearless.

In her death scene, she moves taut sinews and flesh like a wounded animal. In those few seconds she communicates more animal domination and charisma than any pop star Idolette I’ve ever seen.

If you watch a bit of her videos with The Damned on youtube you see the macho, the preening, the presence, you can feel the way she tells you about the car crash that’s coming, crashes the car, and leaves you gaping at what she just made you see.

Wendy took on the male establishment, clothing, and Mrs. Fields ( comparing the snack food queen to a purveyor of heroin ).

She obliterated the dialectic by her sheer daring, by her anti-art band, by her outrageous being.

Wendy ender her life at 48, in the woods, with a very lucid suicide note. It’s in times of truthiness, and lies and lies and lies about what our government is become and what it does that someone like this has the ability to grab eyes and hold them and subvert the normal baseline for society.

Cultural dyanmite: Nietzsche, Williams, bra-burning, the Enlightenment, the printing press, the Gettysburg Address.

The world could have used a grandma-age Wendy, mohawked, fearless, vegetarian, and steely in these times.