Limbo: How low can you go


Today Pope Benedict the XVI got rid of limbo as the place for the unbaptised souls of children.

Enjoy heaven, babies!

I mean, really, how can anyone take any religion seriously after this? One morning, a guy wakes up, eats some breakfast, notes the weather is turning cold in Rome, and then decides to dispose of religious element before his morning intestinal evacuation.

I’m not an atheist but the do have good T-Shirts: “When you can explain why you dismiss all other gods, you’ll understand why I dismiss yours.”

This is why my interpretation of Christianity always goes back to the mystic, the gnostic. It doesn’t have any logical understructure, and by virtue of this, doesn’t require an immutable codex of laws and behaviours. It merely says “The mysteries can be revealed and in the mean time, stop being a selfish snot.” If you build a religion on an edifice of “Here’s it all laid out once, rationally perfectly” you’re just asking for time or science ( or both ) to bring the whole circus tent crashing down.